ANTIFA group sells pocket knives to members for use on conservatives at protests


The leftist group ANTIFA United was caught selling knives on its website, presumably for use at protests. The knives, which are the size of a credit card, can be easily concealed in pockets and within clothing. The offering of knives comes at a time in which numerous conservatives and Trump supporters have been attacked at protests by ANTIFA members.

Antifa United describes itself as a company that “specializes in unapologetically left wing apparel and accessories. We donate monthly to causes that oppose fascism and racism.”After news of their offering of knives to protesters spread on the internet, the company removed the ANTIFA knives from the website. The Gateway Pundit, however, got screenshots of the knife, which are featured here. Their website store can be seen by clicking here. Their Facebook page can be found here.

Violent rhetoric from ANTIFA became a reality in recent weeks, as clashes between the group and Trump supporters turned bloody. That includes the recent riot at Berkeley, where ANTIFA members crashed a Trump rally and attacked participants while cops stood by and watched. Protesters then tried to play the victim card, using Louise Rosealma as an example. She is the ANTIFA member who was shown on video being punched by a Trump supporter.

Antifa knives

What the video does not show, however, is that Rosealma was headed straight for the Trump supporter holding a bottle, presumably to be used a weapon.

Antifa knives

The knife that was offered by ANTIFA United was so small, it could be folded down to the size of the credit card. That makes it an especially dangerous item to introduce into a violent protest.

ANTIFA knives

The Gateway Pundit provides more details.

Following the recent violent mobilization of Antifa in Berkeley, the domestic terror organization has begun to embrace violence as part of its message.

There is a visible evil to the entity and sadly it is comprised of young Americans who have adopted a violent, Marxist mentality.

They are now selling small, concealed knives and are actively promoting violence in an effort to fight perceived “fascism”.

Antifa is a fashionable movement for college “progressives” who have been brainwashed by their professors and now the brainwashing has made its way to the distribution of knives and the promotion of weaponized violence.

Democrats, with their #Resist slogan, are encouraging this type of behavior and they refuse to condemn Antifa.
The concealed knives for sale have since been removed, but the internet is forever and we have captured screenshots of it.

A petition was started in February to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. They were throwing M-80’s, glass bottles and bricks at Trump supporters in Berkeley and now they are selling concealed knives to be used. They must be dealt with.

Even though the ANTIFA knives have been removed from their website, the company continues to sell items including masks to conceal one’s identity at protests.

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