WATCH: ANTIFA rep repeats debunked hate crime lies on Tucker Carlson and is immediately EMBARRASSED for it (VIDEO)

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Citing their own perceived rise in hate crime an ANTIFA group has started a “gym” designed to train for “war” against the right by teaching members how to handle themselves in hand to hand combat.

A member of the group, who identified herself as Naila, was interviewed by Tucker Carlson and things (as expected) didn’t go well for her. The gym was established to provide self defense against “fascists” (which in their minds are implicitly white, conservative, and nationalist – which consists of anyone who fits the first two criteria and believes they are a patriot).

After making up what appears to be out of whole cloth a lie that most terrorism in America stems from these types of white people (which Carlson promptly points out) Naila goes on to give a number of examples why they need self defense that have absolutely nothing to do with a need to fear the “alt-right” or their perceived “fascism.”

Each time Tucker Carlson points this out Naila (who seems to believe Tucker’s first name is “Carlson”) exposes another layer of her ignorance.

From Fox News:

A woman who used the assumed pseudonym “Naila” told Carlson that “certain bodies are vulnerable to certain attacks.”

She said that there was a 20 percent rise in hate crimes in Chicago and nationwide in recent times.

Carlson asked how that number’s importance compared to Chicago’s more than 2,000 shootings in 2017.

“Your fears may be a little overblown,” he said. “How many of the 2,000 shootings were carried out by right-wingers?”

Naila said she was “more interested in hate crimes,” saying that the gym’s purpose is to “grow strength together.”

She dismissed Carlson’s line of questions surrounding gun ownership, saying that it is more relevant for her to learn hand-to-hand combat.

Then things start to really go off the rails near the end of the interview (from Gateway Pundit):

Tucker Carlson asked the Muslima why she’s against private gun ownership and told her that guns are more effective as a form of self defense than ‘karate chops’. She made the mistake of bringing up a Muslim girl who was murdered by an ILLEGAL ALIEN, not a Trump supporter…

Naila: “Okay well on the question of guns, we don’t have an answer because what we are doing is starting a project…and what we need to grow strength together. We have to learn to respond physically to some of these incidents that are happening.”

“Incidents like Nabra Hassanen who was murdered while she was walking from her Mosque in Washington D.C. to a McDonald’s for breakfast with a group of other teenagers,” Naila continued.

Tucker Carlson immediately interjected and ask ‘Naila’ if the Muslim girl was killed by a Trump supporter.

Tucker: “Oh I thought she was killed by an illegal alien. Wasn’t she?”

Naila responded, “She was killed by a man who decided to go after her..”

Tucker: “Oh ya, that was not a Trump supporter, actually! That was an illegal alien! Bad example! I’m sure there are others.”

Maybe, maybe not. Considering the number of purported hate crimes that turn out to be hoaxes (like this one).

Gateway Pundit also does a rundown on all the ways Naila’s assertions about white domestic terrorism are utter delusions that are only repeated by people completely divorced from reality…

For the record, it was a Bernie supporter who shot a Republican Congressman. It was a Bernie supporter who stabbed people on a train in Portland. Trump supporters are routinely physically attacked for wearing MAGA hats as well.

It was Islamic terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11.

It was an Islamic terrorist who killed 50 people at a gay Orlando nightclub.

It was Islamic terrorists who killed innocent people in an office in San Bernardino, CA.

See the full video below.

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