The media has repeatedly refused to air the violent video footage captured of Antifa thugs rioting, looting, and assaulting innocent civilians. Most of the public is unaware of what atrocities they’ve committed.

Eric Clanton, an Antifa teacher at UC Berkeley for example, smashed a man over the head with a metal bike lock. This could have easily cracked his skull and killed him, had there not been medics on sight.

Other Antifa members, which have remained anonymous due to their cowardly face-masking tactics, are known for using bear mace on women, beating people while they’re down, and kicking civilians’ heads in.

While millions of Americans still believe that “Nazis” are the cause for all this violence, thankfully, local police task forces are beginning to catch on. Every day, they’re met with violence from Antifa and see CNN tell the exact opposite story…they’re starting to wake up.

Just last night, an Antifa thug kicked a canister of tear gas into a squadron of police officers trying to control the riot—and it will probably be the last mistake he’ll ever commit in his entire life. After kicking it into the riot police, he’s met with a hilarious surprise in the form of a rubber bullet.


Numerous Antifa scumbags began to riot last night, in protest of Donald Trump’s rally…and they had the nerve to claim that he’s the Nazi. After police shot a tear gas canister into the crowds to try to disperse them, one thug kicked it right back at the police.

Big mistake. He was promptly shot in the testicles with a rubber bullet, much to the glee of conservatives. We’re sick and tired of seeing these thugs riot, destroy property, and hurt innocent people, without any sort of payback. Well, thankfully for us it looks like payback just got dished out—and it’s glorious.

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