Are Leftists blocking conservatives on social media without their knowledge?


Social media would pose a huge threat to leftist tyranny, execpt for one seemingly insurmountable problem, the most used platforms are run by leftists.

They haven’t really been shy about exercising their power to influence either. If Sarah Palin gets a syllable wrong when saying “you betcha” it’s suddenly “trending” on Facebook. Yet leftist malfeasance, such as Hillary Clinton facing indictment for her email shenanigans, never seems to be elevated to the same level of attention.

It’s not just the shaping of perception, it seems that social media overlords are now flat out censoring speech.

It has recently been discovered that Twitter might be actively “shadowbanning” conservatives. Shadowbanning is when a social network effectively bans a user by hiding their posts from everyone else, leaving them unaware they’ve been silenced.

Among the users complaining of shadowbans are sci-fi author and alt-right figurehead Vox Day, geek culture blogger “Daddy Warpig,” and the popular pro-Trump account Ricky Vaughn. League of Gamers founder and former World of Warcraft team lead Mark Kern, as well as adult actress and anti-censorship activist Mercedes Carrera, have also reported that their tweets are not appearing on the timelines of their followers.

Normally you could count on leftists responding with calls of right-wing paranoia, but after years of shouting down conservatives, and protesting/petitioning to have them disinvited from speaking engagements it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t want to silence them online as well. Especially when Twitter has speech council that is so comprised of openly leftist groups and individuals.

This troubling news comes shortly after Twitter leadership announced an Orwellian “Trust and Safety Council,” which is stacked with leftist anti-speech activists. Instead of groups like the Electronic Freedom Foundation or the Cato Institute, the council invited Feminist Frequency and the Dangerous Speech Project. The latter organizations lead the growing movement to silence politically incorrect thought on campuses and online.

Upon giving this some thought I came to the realization about the Fairness Doctrine, the FCC regulation that was supposed to require equal time of differing points of view on political issues, which was established in 1949 and abolished in 1987. Up until Barack Obama’s election to president Democrats had been OBSESSED with having it reinstated. Then when Obama became president and Democrats had complete control of the federal government from 2009-2011 they not only never attempted the comeback, they completely shut up about it.

It seems not so coincidental that Democrats drop the demand to revive The Fairness Doctrine around the same time Obama started to become very chummy with Silicon Valley tech elites and social media leaders like Mark Zuckerberg. Clearly, they must have known something most of the rest of us are just now catching up to.

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