Are tattoos supposed to be just a liberal thing?


A Phoenix woman hid her tattoos from her parents for 12 years because they’re Christian conservatives.

That’s it.

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The article obsesses over the fact that this girl was afraid to reveal her body art because her parents are so conservative, and they’re also Christian…but the most important takeaway is that they’re Christian conservative.

Despite studies proving otherwise, conservatives are miserable about everything, so the must hate tattoos, right?

Umm…Getting tattoos isn’t a liberal thing. I’m not sure what rule of faith or conservatism liberals think is being broken by getting a tattoo. I know a lot of people think getting them is a mark of stupidity, maybe that’s why liberals think it should be associated with them…


Of course, tattoos aren’t inherently stuipid by any means. It all depends on what you get and where it goes.

That said, last I checked (which is never, but this is a darn good assumption) conservatives in general have absolutely no problem with them. I personally wouldn’t get one because I have commitment issues. There’s nothing I can think of that I would want on my body for life. But you know, some people REALLY like Taco Bell. (scroll to #23)

As it turns out, the woman’s parents were accepting of her tattoos…because they’re just tattoos, and she’s a grown woman. It also turns out that they don’t even consider themselves all that conservative. So the entire video was really just a weird exercise in showcasing how fantastically closed-minded liberals really are since the only open minds they’re able to recognize are the ones like their own.

Even still, just because we conservatives think a fetus is a life that should enjoy protection under the law doesn’t mean we have to be uptight about everything.

You want to see a story about uptight parents try one where liberal parents react to a child who comes out of the closet as a three-letter G-word that isn’t “gay” and ends with O-P.

Wake me up when that video gets made.

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