REPORT: The SHOCKING age of the Ariana Grande concert attack victims and the BRUTAL TRUTH about the suspected terrorist

ariana grande attack salman abedin victims

Authorities have identified the attacker at the Arianna Grande concert as Salman Abedi, along with the first victim and one of the youngest.

Per an extensive and detailed report on what is known about the attack thus far from The Telegraph.

The first confirmed fatality was considered a “superfan” of Grande. 18 year old college student Georgina Callander pictured below after having a chance to meet Grande in 2015.

Georgina Callander first victim 18 y-o

Also known is probably one of the youngest victims killed in the attack, 8 year old Saffie Rose Roussos. Per the Telegraph’s report she was separated from her mother and sister, both of whom are being treated for injuries sustained by the bomb.

In addition to the dead there are approximately 60 injured, with about a fifth of them being minors under 16. (In Britain the age of consent/adulthood is 16).

According to The Telegraph Salman Abedi was British born, and his parents were Libyan refugees who fled the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in the 90s.

Here are 5 fast facts from Heavy. I have a quick comment for each of these, but all go into greater detail at the link to Heavy here:

1. (Salman) Abedi, Who Was Known to British Authorities, Is Believed to Have Detonated a Bomb Near the Foyer of the Arena as People Exited

Is anyone surprised by the ethnicity? I know pointing this out sends liberals into the mother of all tizzies, but after the not-so righteous indignation loses it’s breath from it’s irrational temper tantrum the fact remains that terror attacks on the west have only one other thing in common outside of the fact that people die. Britain, more than any other nation in Europe seems to be totally and willfully oblivious to this. I’m not going to pretend to know how law enforcement actually works, but it’s a shame to say the least that these guys who are “known” keep getting into the end zone…so to speak

2. Police Are Working to Determine if the Attacker Was Part of a Larger Network & Arrested a 23-Year-Old Man on Tuesday

From national security and civil rights standpoints this is tough because so often these attacks end up being perpetrated by a lone wolf who is influenced by the greater machine of Muslim radicalization. There has got to be a way to figure out what to do about these “known” potential lone wolves like Salman Abedi (assuming he acted alone). What worries me is the cost of that kind of power, especially at the hands of the left who deems anything they don’t like to be “extremist,” which of course is the real problem with their refusal to attribute terror attacks “radical Islam” and “Muslim extremism”

3. ISIS Has Called Abedi a ‘Soldier’ After Its Supporters Celebrate the Attack on Social Media

I know a lot will point to this as something substantive, but it could be little more than ISIS standing on the shoulders of  Salman Abedi.

4. Videos Show the Moment a Loud Blast Was Witnessed Outside the Arena & Captured Chaos Inside

Check out the videos here if you want. They don’t reveal anything earth shattering, but on a personal note I am a little in awe of how we have the technology in our pockets to make us all quasi journalists. These videos along with social media place the world at the scene of huge events like this. That was something that wasn’t quite so true for most of us even a decade ago.

5. Prime Minister Theresa May Called the Attack by Abedi ‘Callous’ & ‘Cowardly

We know this already. Terrorists are cowards. They’re also crazy, imbalanced, mentally poisoned, but we never say any of these things (unless  your politics are right-of-center by American standards) and words aren’t really cutting it anymore.

As a friend of mine quipped on social media after this latest attack, (to paraphrase) everyone is going to put a flag filter over their social media profiles, posts some hashtags and call it a day. At some point action will be necessary. Until then nothing is learned from filters and hashtags, and nothing is changed from them either, but sadly that’s the extent of the “action” that we’ll call a response.

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h/t Heavy and The Telegraph

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