Armed Deputy Who Stopped School Shooting on Friday Ignored by Media

Marion County Deputy James Long is a hero – the media just won’t report on it.

On Friday, the media was busy reporting on the school walkouts to protest guns, led by Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. They also reported on yet another school shooting in Oscala, Florida, in which one student was shot, with the shooter taken into custody by the school resource officer.

That was where the reporting ended for most media outlets. However, the Oscala shooting at Forest High School highlighted the importance of armed school guards willing to act on danger and confront shooters.

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Deputy Long, who was serving as the school resource officer at the time, immediately reacted to the sound of a gunshot and confronted the shooter, Sky Bouche, within three minutes. Bouche was taken into custody and charges are pending.

The student who was shot was hit in the ankle and will recover.

While gun control advocates refuse to support the idea of armed guards in schools, the Oscala shooting is proof once again that an armed response is the only way to stop some shooters.

The Daily Mail reports.

A school police officer has been hailed a hero after he ran towards the 19-year-old alleged gunman during a Florida school shooting.

Deputy James Long, a resource officer for Forest High School in Oscala, heard the gunshots Friday and immediately ran towards the source.

Within three minutes, the officer was able to arrest suspected gunman Sky Bouche after he opened fire in the school.

Bouche was only able to wound one person after he shot through a classroom door and pellets hit a 17-year-old student in the ankle. The student was taken to the hospital with a non-threatening gunshot wound.

While Bouche apologized for his actions, but reports say he was obsessed with the Columbine mass shooting. Friday was the 19th anniversary of the shooting, and authorities think he may have been planning a similar attack.

In an interview given to local media (included below), Bouche claims he chose not to carry out the shooting, and blames a violent upbringing and mental illness for his actions. He talks about how he used the internet to bypass gun laws and buy a gun. He stated that he couldn’t get a gun from a gun show because of background checks.

The gun he purchased was from the 1930s, and was a private sale. In the interview below, he states that he wasn’t even sure the gun would work.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods praised the deputy for his response. Long ‘did not hesitate. He went right in,’ he said during a news conference Friday.

Long heard a loud bang at 8:39am on Friday and immediately rushed towards the sound, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said.

By 8:42am, just three minutes later, Long was at the hallway where the shots were fired and took the shooter into custody.

The gunman, whose attempted massacre coincided with the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine shooting, was led away from the school by police in a white hazmat suit to preserve any evidence on his body.

He apologized to reporters after he was being taken away in cuffs.

‘I just shot through the door. Sorry, it doesn’t matter anyway,’ he said on his way to a patrol car.

Bouche, who was a former student at the high school, did not reveal the motive for the shooting. He is now at Marion County jail.

Here is the interview with Bouche.

Here is news coverage from CBS News, which included coverage of the sheriff’s comments, which called social media “evil” because it seemed to make the situation worse with threats hitting the internet.

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