Armed Thugs Try Robbing Irish Pub – Get WHOPPING DOSE of American JUSTICE When They Find Out Who’s Inside

thugs monaghans pub

A pair of Maryland thugs recently burst into a bar, armed and ready to steal everything inside. Unfortunately for them, however, they were met with a shocking surprise upon entering.

Far too many thugs get away with committing disgusting crimes. Whether it be robbing, raping, or even murder, every single thug that commits a crime and walks away free is one too many. Thankfully, these two thugs didn’t walk away—in fact, they got instant karma.

Joseph McInnis III and Tyree McCoy were scoping out a spot to rob earlier this week, when they found a seemingly easy target: Monaghan’s Pub. Unfortunately for these scumbags, however, their target was anything, but.

Unbeknownst to them, the bar was hosting a retirement party for a police officer. When they broke in, the back room was filled with dozens of police officers, which eventually led to the arrest and charging of the two thugs. Baltimore 11 News reports:

Two men who police said robbed a pub in Woodlawn may not have expected it to be full of police officers.

Baltimore County police have two suspects in custody who they said robbed a pub Tuesday night at gunpoint.

The armed suspects walked in to Monaghan’s Pub a little before 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. It turns out that the pub was hosting a police officer’s retirement party with dozens of off-duty officers in attendance.

Investigators said that the two thugs entered the take-out portion of the restaurant, and threatened an employee at gunpoint. “At that time, the person who had been behind the counter knew that there was a retirement party for a police officer happening,” Officer Peach said.

“So they…alerted the officers to the fact that they had just been involved in an armed robbery.” While McInnis and McCoy did get away initially, it wasn’t long before the cops were able to track them down and take them into custody. These patriotic officers were not about to let two pieces of filth get away during their retirement party!

The two criminals are now being charged with armed robbery and possession of a handgun. They are being held without bond at the Baltimore County Detention Center, and the bar owner has repeatedly expressed his gratefulness towards the officers for saving him and his employees.

Thankfully, police revealed in an interview that nobody was hurt. Unfortunately, far too many armed robberies go wrong when courageous heroes try to stand up to these animals—they usually end up getting shot, stabbed, or worse.

This is yet another example of two thugs acting foolishly and being locked away by the best country in the world. They were dumb enough to try robbing a bar filled with off duty officers, and now it’s time for them to pay the price of their actions.

Everybody loves it when a gang of dumb thugs gets dealt some instant karma, and from the looks of those mugshots, these guys got roughed up pretty bad. These brave police officers can’t even take a night off without having to deal with Baltimore scum, but I’ll bet it made the after party ten times better!

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H/T – Mad World News

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