Mike Pence DEMANDS APOLOGY from Associated Press over their disgusting treatment of his wife

Mike Pence

There is a rule in journalism: when you make a mistake, you apologize and issue a correction. That is, unless you are the Associated Press, and the mistake involves Republicans. In that case, the AP takes no responsibility for the damage their mistake caused.

Vice President Mike Pence took to Twitter after the AP refused to correct a mistake that led to his wife Karen being subjected to a slew of “vitriolic and vicious emails” in her personal email account.

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller provides more details.

The AP and other outlets reported this week that Pence used a private email address as governor of Indiana. An article from an AP reporter based out of the Indianapolis bureau detailed the records and included both the AOL addresses used by the Pences.

Paoletta said in his letter that the reporter who published the story told Pence’s press secretary that he did not know that Karen Pence was still using the email address. But when asked to revise the article to redact the email address, Paoletta said that the wire service refused to do so.

It is common practice for the press to avoid publishing the private email addresses of public figures. It is sloppy journalism on the part of the Associated Press to include a personal email address in a report without verifying if it is still active. To make things worse, their refusal to edit the article and remove the email address is borderline vindictive. There is no reasonable explanation why they should not.

In response, Mike Pence tweeted out the letter sent to the AP regarding the situation, noting their refusal. He also asks for an apology for the incident.

Here is the Vice President’s tweet, which includes the letter.


The Associated Press has not yet commented on the situation.

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