Asst. Attorney General tweets “F–K DONALD TRUMP” on Twitter

Note: this article contains language not safe for work.

No, you’re not reading an Onion headline.  An assistant attorney general for the state of Massachusetts sent out a tweet with the hashtag #FuckDonaldTrump.

M. Claire Masinton describes herself as “a senior Assistant Attorney General in the Insurance & Financial Services Division of the Attorney General’s Office in Boston, MA…Our group does affirmative civil litigation to stop individuals and/or businesses from engaging in fraud and/or deceptive and unfair business practices.”

Oh, and she REALLY hates Donald Trump.

As The Black Sphere reported, Masinton sent out a retweet critical of President Trump, with a cartoon showing Donald Trump as Jabba the Hutt and Lady Liberty as Princess Leia, chocking him to death. Masinton included a classy hashtag she added herself. Check it out.

Trump tweet

Not only is her tweet against the ethical standards she has to abide by as an attorney general, it is illegal to threaten the President with violence, even with a cartoon.

Now, check out her Twitter profile.

Trump tweet

Actually, that WAS her Twitter profile.

Masinton is now trying to cover her tracks. She has protected her account, so her tweets can no longer be seen. She’s also removed her title from her Twitter account profile description. Now her Twitter account just identifies her as a “soccer mom” and a “mother of 6.” However, check out her profile picture.

Trump tweet

Now, check out the profile picture on Claire Masinton’s LinkedIn page. Her LinkedIn account is still public and readily identifies her as as assistant attorney general.

Trump tweet

Yes, that’s her actual LinkedIn profile picture. And it is obviously the same woman.

What do you think about an assistant attorney general for Massachusetts tweeting out an obscene Donald Trump tweet? Let us know in the comments!

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