Awesome! Man invents gun that looks like a smartphone.

The people reported to be outraged by this invention are probably the type who want to blow away the second amendment anyway (metaphorically and probably literally).

Anti-gun Nazis are that way because they have a very irrational fear of guns to begin with, but this gun actually emphasizes that fear. I don’t know who would be satisfied with just two shots, but you would think after all their crying about laws limiting how many shots a gun can take (generally a max of 5-10 rounds, more than two), or ideas requiring trigger locks, you would think something like this would be the ultimate compromise solution.

With just two shots and the way the gun folds up the likelihood of it accidentally firing seems to be very low. This is very much a break the glass type of solution, and opposition to it proves once again second amendment opponents really just want to erase that right instead of supporting anything to make exercising it more responsible.

h/t The Blaze

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