AWESOME: This new military combat helmet looks like something out of Star Wars (MUST SEE VIDEO)

The next generation of military gear is here, and not surprisingly, it looks a lot like something from science fiction. A new combat helmet being made in Japan for use by SAS special forces in Britain is drawing comparisons to a Star Wars character.

A new bulletproof combat helmet that covers the entire face and features a heads-up GPS display is now being trial tested by the elite British special forces unit SAS. The Ronin Ballistic Helmet is made by Japanese company Devtac and sports next-gen technology for the battlefield. United States special forces have already tested it, but it is not yet in regular use with our military.

It features heat-sensing tech to spot enemies, while also including a “friend or foe” feature on the built-in HUD to cut down on friendly-fire incidents.

Users have begun calling it the “Boba Fett” helmet, after the Star Wars character who hid his face behind an iconic helmet in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Ronin ballistic helmet

However, for our money, we think it looks more like the helmet wore by Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens.

Ronin ballistic helmet

The helmet will not only feature the latest technology for the battlefield, it will cut down on the devastating head and neck injuries in combat. Not only is it bulletproof, it can withstand fire and shrapnel. Tiny fans keep the lenses clear and the inside of the helmet comfortable.

IB Times has more on these fantastic helmets.

Created by Japanese company Devtac, the Ronin Kevlar Level IIIA Tactical Ballistic Helmet is full-face headgear made from the same material as body armour but also comes attached with 7mm armour plates said to be strong enough to stop a Magnum .44 handgun round, as well as infrared optical technology enabling wearers to see enemies in the dark.

A ‘friend or foe’ feature allows soldiers to let each other know their position to eliminate friendly fire with a GPS map and mission assignments projected in front of the eyes of the wearer, while a built-in air conditioning system allows the helmet to stay cool and goggles to remain fog-free.

Costing over £1,000, the helmet has already been used US special forces and is now understood to be given out to the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service (SBS) to provide an extra edge in combat.

Check out this video of the helmet.

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