This AWESOME VIRAL VIDEO explains the Israeli conflict in five minutes

Israel conflict

Israel conflict

Dennis Prager has broken down the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in a five minute video. And it is brilliant.

Prager, of Prager University, outlines the modern history of the Jewish state. He also details how the surrounding Muslim nations have repeatedly tried to destroy Israel.

The video is even more relevant as Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned Israel for trying to protect their territory. He insists Israel make more concessions in the hopes of creating a Palestinian state.

The video, however, points out that Palestinians are not interested in existing side by side in peace with Israel. Demands that Israel give up sovereignty and land will not produce peace with Palestinians. Israel has made major land concessions in the quest for peace. Israel signed over the entire Sinai peninsula to Egypt in the 1970s as part of a peace treaty. That move worked wonders for relations between Israel and Egypt. The Palestinians, however, refuse to accept any land for peace. They refuse to allow Israel to exist.

Here is the video.

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H/T: Israel Video Network



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