‘BACK BRACE’ Hillary Returns – Wears A Heavy Coat and Scarf INDOORS in Sunny Australia (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton back brace

The Hillary Clinton back brace conspiracy theory has new life, after the former secretary of state showed up once again to a public event wearing a large, padded coat that appears to be covering something up.

Clinton is currently in Australia making speeches for big money, but she has caused many to wonder if she is fighting some sort of health crisis, as it appears she has been wearing some sort of back brace. She has made no comment on the obvious cover-up, which first emerged last week in photos taken in New York City.

As you can see in the video below, she is bundling up, even indoors, whenever she delivers a speech. During her current tour of Australia, where she is giving several paid speeches, she is wearing a large coat and scarf that covers her neck and back, hiding evidence of a back brace. The temperature in Australia has been in the 60s, which is fairly cool, but not cold enough to justify a large bulky coat and scarf.

The Daily Mail reports.

Hillary Clinton has been hard at work on the for-profit speaking circuit over the past few weeks, and on Friday the former secretary of state was back at it in Sydney at the Women World Changers series.

One day after appearing alongside Julia Gillard in Melbourne, Clinton and the former Australian Prime Minister made the trip to the nation’s capital for the last of three stops down under.

Also making a repeat appearance was the outfit Clinton selected for the event, with the former first lady wearing the same blue jacket, navy slacks, scarf and heels she had on last week in New York City.

Clinton chose however to tie her scarf behind her neck, which added volume to the neckwear behind her head just a few days after some speculated that she may be wearing a back brace.

Hillary Clinton back brace

This bulky look is a common one for Clinton in recent months, after a series of injuries in connection to several falls she suffered during her travels.

Clinton’s look was also remarkably similar to the one she displayed on Thursday in Melbourne.

There she wore a stretch wool crepe jacket in blue once again that extended to the knee along with slacks and kitten heels.

The jacket was a custom creation from Nina McLemore, and she finished the look off with an $1,100 cashmere-blend shawl from Hermes.

And earlier in the week it was a fuchsia coat and yet another over-sized scarf for the first stop of the speaking tour in Auckland.

Here is video of her Australia speech.

Hillary Clinton has not yet addressed the back brace controversy.

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