Bad Things Could Happen Under Lame Duck Congress


Lame Duck Session Signals DANGER for American people
Lame Duck Session Signals DANGER for American people

Congress returned to work yesterday after an unusually long summer break. President Obama has one last chance to push forward his liberal agenda before he leaves office. Here is your insight: Heritage just published a new report on what exactly a lame-duck session is and why it’s so problematic. We know why the left continues to float the idea of a “public option” in financing to save Obamacare. And trouble is brewing following the G-20 this past weekend. We have all your conservative policy solutions right here.
—Michelle Cordero, Managing Editor,

Bad things could happen during a lame-duck Congress.
Big spenders in both parties already are laying the groundwork to push through disastrous and irresponsible spending in a lame-duck session of Congress after the November elections. Research shows the majority of Americans believe Congress should wait for newly elected members before taking action on matters of national importance. Heritage just released a new report that includes some of the terrible consequences of previous lame ducks (how about the largest tax increase in our history) and the potential bills that could be passed this year (amnesty, increased spending, repeal of the Hyde amendment, liberal Supreme Court confirmations, just to name a few). Read our new report and watch ourvideo.
More government involvement is never the answer.
Even as Obamacare is “on the cusp of falling apart” and health care coverage is at a record low, President Barack Obama is floating the idea of a public financing option as an answer. Heritage senior fellow Bob Moffit points out that this call is not new and was in the first legislative version of the health law. “The combo of a ‘public option’ in a ‘public exchange’ was originally developed by liberal health policy analysts as a way to secure a single-payer system,” Moffit says. “Backed by the full power of the government, and fixing payment rates below normal market levels, the ‘public option’ would crowd out private coverage, resulting in greater concentration in the market, less choice for patients, and less competition among plans, until only the government health plan would remain. Voila, monopoly!” Read our solution, which includes market-based health care reforms that don’t tilt the playing field.
The real headline out of the G-20 went ignored.
The mainstream media covered several snafus with China and the Philippines at the G-20 meeting over the weekend, but missed the most important thing that happened. President Obama and China’s president approved the Paris climate change agreement that will increase energy costs for all Americans. Oh, and another big problem: The Constitution makes clear that treaties are to be ratified by the Senate, not the chief executive. Heritage senior research fellow Steven Groves says: “This action by the president is an intentional end-run around the American people and their elected representatives, done to advance an ineffective, expensive climate agreement. The U.S. should stay out of the Paris agreement.” Read our full report on why the U.S. should withdraw from the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change.

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