BADASS GRANDPA Absolutely EVISCERATES Young PUNK Trying to TAKE AWAY His 1st Amendment RIGHTS!

Badass Grandpa Defends Freedom of Speech

In this shocking new video, a young couple confronts an old man, with the woman claiming that she wants Alex Jones killed.

Alex Jones is a popular American conspiracy theorist and radio host, who’s been on the air for nearly three decades—and this Leftist think it’s okay to kill him, because she disagrees with his views.

But, this patriotic old man isn’t going to let that happen. He stands firm, and aggressively defends our right to freedom of speech. Even when a bigger and younger punk gets in his face, and THREATENS him, the old man confronts him back and yells: “OR WHAT MOTHER F—ER!”

The interaction starts off as being relatively mild, but quickly escalates when the old man finds out that this deranged woman is okay with killing someone over having a different opinion. He’s quick to call her out, as you’ll see from the video.

Below is a transcript with some of the key highlights:

Grandpa: “You’re saying someone who gets up there and speaks, you want to KILL them! Is that what you’re saying?”

[Boyfriend tries to pull lady away, she refuses and wants to talk to the old man]

Grandpa: “So what do you got against free speech, huh? What do you got against free speech, lady?”

Lady: “Now this is totally different than what you think, okay? I want Alex Jones to be taken out for brainwashing—not free speech, I believe in free speech.”

The mental gymnastics that this lady has to perform in order to reconcile this massive contradiction should win a gold medal. She’s claiming that someone should be killed for speaking out his mind, and then says she believes in freedom of speech.

Grandpa: “But you’re saying that you want to stop someone, who has a news show that millions of people listen to, and you want to go ahead and eliminate him? You want to get him killed?”

Grandpa: “How do you say that you support free speech, and at the same time want to stop someone from practicing? Would you please tell me how you hold those two thoughts in your head.”

The boyfriend then proceeds to say “he’s getting very aggressive,” and tries to pull his girlfriend away, but Gramps won’t have it.

Grandpa: “When someone does something against my first amendment, you better believe I’m gonna get aggressive!”

The manipulative lady has her own tactics, however. She sees that she’s losing the argument and blames Alex Jones for “brainwashing” her son. The old man is quick to call her out, however:

Grandpa: “So rather than listen to what [Alex Jones] has to say, maybe he’s saying something that makes sense, and maybe your son is right, you want to kill free speech! You don’t even give your SON credit to have his own mind!”

The old man proceeds to completely demolish this lady and calls her out for the selfish liar that she is. She doesn’t even trust her son enough to have his own opinion, so she’d rather just kill Alex Jones. She doesn’t care about “brainwashing,” she just cares about having everyone agree with her.

At this point, the lady’s boyfriend gets mad and physically confronts the old man.

Punk: “You’d better shut up!”


The man then proceeds to cower away, because the Grandpa’s sheer force of will was too much for him to handle. We need more men like this defending our rights, because if we don’t start standing up for our freedom of speech, the politically correct radical Left will have it removed.

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