YIKES! Democrat congresswoman CUTS AND RUNS after Trump supporters show up to her failure of a town hall meeting (VIDEO)

nannette Barragán - town hall fail

Democrats got a taste of their own medicine recently when a Los Angeles area Democratic congresswoman, Nanette Barragán, was met with so much Pro-Trump resistance she felt the need to shut down her own town hall meeting.

When you watch the video you’ll see the half of the already abysmally small audience were pro-Trump supporters. Barragán had to know she was in for a rough ride.

From Breitbart

According to video filmed by one of the protesters, very few of Rep. Barragán’s constituents showed up for the meeting at a local school, and even fewer of her supporters. Meanwhile, dozens of Trump supporters filled the front rows.

How the trolling excursion began is probably my favorite part of the story. I put it in bold

After the meeting began without the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, the pro-Trump attendees recited it on their own.


Rep. Barragán then began her remarks to the meeting by attacking Trump, and was immediately drowned out by jeers and chants: “We love Trump!” “Respect our president!”

“You did this at their town halls, and now you want respect? Hypocrites!” one Trump supporter shouted at the few Barragán fans in attendance, as they urged the pro-Trump demonstrators to be quiet.

Rep. Barragán tried to argue against President Trump’s budget proposals, and was met with repeated interjections: “She’s lying!” “We have to cut somewhere!”

Eventually, Barragán proposed moving the meeting to a smaller room, where she said she hoped to have a more productive conversation. She then left the meeting, trailed by police and staff. Demonstrators followed her, demanding to be let into the room. One shouted that Barragán was breaking the Brown Act, which governs public meetings in the state. Others shouted “Fake news!” at a Buzzed reporter on the scene.

The 44th district covers parts of Compton, Carson, and Long Beach.

I lived in that area for nearly a decade, Republicans are VERY rare. They’re almost irrelevant in California, but even more so in Los Angeles and in the area Barragan represents. So the fact this happened is in all honesty a bit miraculous.

Over the past several months, left-wing activists have flooded Republican representatives’ town halls in a bid to imitate the grass-roots energy that fueled the conservative Tea Party movement in 2009-2010.

Using organizing materials provided in the “Indivisible Guide,” which has become an informal manual for the so-called “Resistance” opposition movement, anti-Trump activists have confronted Republicans throughout the country, and particularly in California. Friday evening was a rare reversal of roles.

The big lesson to take from this is turnabout is fair play, and if Democrats want to play this game Republicans can play it too, even in ultra ultra ultra liberal parts of one of the most liberal of states.

See the video below, it’s long, but entertaining to watch:

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