Muslims FURIOUS After Denmark’s Most Powerful Politician Just BANNED This One Item

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After the past decade of lax border policies, many European countries have felt the shift in their culture. In response to the growing concern over Sharia Law and Islamic invasion, Denmark has joined several other countries in banning the burka in public.

The burka, sometimes spelled as burqa, is an all black veil which according to the Quran, Muslim women are expected to wear at all times. While some radical feminists have tried to twist this into being a symbol of liberation, the majority of experts understand that it’s a symbol of oppression.

Under sharia law, one of the most barbaric set of laws on the planet, women are severely punished for not wearing the all black veil, meant to cover every inch of their bodies save their eyes. Stories of non-conforming Muslim women getting acid splashed in their face, raped with iron rods, and eventually killed are not uncommon.

…and while there’s certainly something to be said about religious freedoms, many Europeans are concerned that the Islamic faith is more than just a religion. Over the past decade, they’ve seen a sharp increase in sex crimes, acid attacks, and other violent assaults traditionally associated with Islam.

The citizens of Denmark have watched Sweden, Germany, and France fall to the scourge of Islamic extremism in recent years. They’ve seen these countries become invaded by migrants, who statistically use more welfare than non-migrants, they’ve seen European culture fade, and they’ve seen this religion of peace spread.

In response, several European countries have begun banning symbols of Muslim extremism, according to the Associated Press. This marks one of the largest steps against the Islamic faith which European nations have taken in recent times.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark will join other European countries banning full-face covering, including Islamic veils such as the niqab or burqa.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen of Denmark’s liberal party that leads a center-right governing coalition says a law proposal was not aimed at any religions or a ban of scarfs, turbans or kippa, the traditional Jewish skull cap.

Ellemann-Jensen spoke Friday after a meeting in Parliament.

Even the far left Social Democratic party—the largest party in Denmark—has agreed to vote for the law, popularly known as the “Burqa Ban.” While many have accused them of being “intolerant,” the fact that they’re one of the farthest left parties in all of Denmark should shed some light to how serious a problem radical Muslims have become.

The move has been widely received as being directed towards ultra-conservative Muslim women, and it is believed that the ban will help Denmark’s indigenous peoples preserve their language, their culture, and their people. No date for a formal vote was announced, but reception seems favorable.

Austria, France, and Belgium have similar laws, and it’s not hard to see why. A growing number of European politicians have raised concerns about the globalist philosophy espoused by the EU, noting that it often leads to cultural destruction, the loss of individuality, and a surrender of self-governance.

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