What They’re NOT Telling You About Fake News

The news media was biased in its coverage of Donald Trump and that had a bigger impact on the election than any “fake news,” Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy told Brian Stelter Sunday on CNN’sReliable Sources. But Stelter didn’t give in as he continued to defy truth by asking leading questions which confirm his biased.

“You guys had a responsibility to give fair and balanced news,” Ruddy said in his one-on-one segment with host Stelter. “Instead the mainstream press focused on Trump’s use of Twitter and the release of an audio recording on ‘Access Hollywood.’ The voters in Ohio and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, they were worried about jobs and trade. “Donald Trump, to his credit, was in those states talking about those issues. You guys missed the story.”

Ruddy said the media continues to be critical of Trump, focusing on stories like fake news and Russian hacking. “I don’t think they’re necessarily giving him a complete fair shake,” he said. Ruddy argued that the media stories didn’t have any impact on the election. “Hillary Clinton outperformed Obama [2012 results] in state after state,” Ruddy said.  “Hillary outperformed Trump in California and won by 30 points and she outperformed Obama in the state of Texas. Trump only won Texas by nine points. Mitt Romney won by 16. “Why did Hillary lose? She ran a terrible campaign in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, she barely showed up in some of these states.” Ruddy said Newsmax plans aggressive news coverage during the Trump presidency.

It’s interesting to note 90% of the press core voted for Hillary Clinton. That is not representative of the rest of the country. It is no wonder they are biased. What is baffling is the fact they think they are fair in covering the other half; when clearly they don’t have a clue why the other half of America voted for Donald Trump.

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h/t Paul Joseph Watson

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