HELL TO THE YES: Antifa’s WORST NIGHTMARE Showing Up to Trump Rally RIGHT NOW!

antifa bikers for trump rally

Much fear has been surrounding Donald Trump’s anticipated rally tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. As liberals have begun to swarm the streets, threatening to riot, it looks like Bikers for Trump have their own plans in store.

Bikers all across the country have long supported Donald Trump, for his America first stance, his conservative family values, and for his pro-gun, pro-life opinions. After eight years of Obama pushing socialism down our throats, having Trump in office is a refreshing change of pace.

Leftists are determined to undermine him every step of the way, however. As we previously reported, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has urged Donald Trump to cancel the rally, out of fear that it may spark protests.

Donald Trump has recently announced that he’ll be launching a campaign rally inside the Phoenix Convention Center, and although many conservatives are excited to see their President in person, others have raised concerns over the city’s safety.

It shouldn’t be surprising that these leftist Antifa thugs are using violence to intimidate Donald Trump and his supporters. Fascists have always used force to quell their opposition, and despite what they call themselves, it’s pretty clear that they are fascists.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, a Democrat, has begged Trump to stay away from the city, anticipating mass violence and riots. President Trump, however, has not backed down—he didn’t back down then, and he’s not backing down now.

In response to Donald Trump’s fearlessness in the face of disgusting Antifa thugs threatening to riot, Bikers for Trump have announced a massive call to action, urging every single Biker in America to come to the president’s aid.

I Love My Freedom, a popular conservative news website, reports:

The popular group known as ‘Bikers for Trump’ announced that they will be defending Trump supporters from violent leftists and Antifa terrorists at President Trump’s rally tonight in Phoenix, Arizona.

As you know, Antifa is hell-bent on raising as much hell as they possibly can at tonight’s rally, and Trump supporters are going to need some protection.

In addition to this, Steven Emery, presumably a member of the Bikers for Trump organization, posted the following on Facebook just recently:

Bikers for Trump Arizona (official) members will be working together at tomorrow’s Trump rally with Jim Williams of Bikers for Trump Arizona (not affiliated with our movement) in an effort to help keep the peace.

If you are an Arizona member please be mindful of our policy of integrity, we do not incite or instigate violence, disrespect other groups or discriminate against others ever, our support of President Trump and American values should always be reflected by our actions and conduct.

He then proceeded to give directions to the bikers, so that they can all work together in a coordinated effort to stop these Antifa thugs from harming innocent Trump voters. Looks like they’re finally going to get what they deserve.

After months of using vile weapons such as pepper spray, bear mace, and even bottle rockets against Trump voters, now it’s time for these sick millennials to get a taste of their own medicine. This is going to be one hell of a rally, so be sure to stay tuned for breaking updates.

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