BILL CLINTON IS WRITING A NOVEL, and a best-selling author is helping him

Bill Clinton novel

Former President Bill Clinton has written a number of books, but he is stepping into the world of fiction for his next literary offering. Feel free to write your own joke about Bill Clinton and a world of fiction.

The Bill Clinton novel will be a political thriller titled “The President Is Missing.” According to the novel’s publishers, Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown and Company, the book “will offer readers a unique amalgam of intrigue, suspense and behind-the-scenes global drama from the highest corridors of power.” The cover of the book can be seen below.

Clinton’s collaborator on the novel will be best-selling author James Patterson. Patterson has authored a number of mystery and suspense novels, including the “Alex Cross” series and “The Lake House.”

Patterson may seem like an odd pairing, however. The author frequently promotes his books in ads on Fox News, and he even collaborated with Bill O’Reilly on a book.  That book, “Give Please a Chance,” was about the importance of politeness. Ironically.

Here’s how both reacted to the announcement in a press release, via TheHill.

“Working on a book about a sitting President — drawing on what I know about the job, life in the White House, and the way Washington works — has been a lot of fun,” said Clinton in a statement. “And working with Jim has been terrific. I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time.” “I’m a storyteller, and President Clinton’s insight has allowed us to tell a really interesting one,” said Patterson. “It’s a rare combination — readers will be drawn to the suspense, of course, but they’ll also be given an inside look into what it’s like to be President.”

While this is the first Bill Clinton novel, he has written five non-fiction books, including “My Life.”

Here’s the cover of the book, due out in June of 2018.

Bill Clinton novel

There is speculation is to whether the book will have characters inspired by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. One thing is clear, however. Had the book been about Bill Clinton going missing, the mystery would have been solved quickly. All the Secret Service would have to do is follow the interns.

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