Bill Clinton’s nickname for Hillary is both amusing and revealing about the nature of their relationship.

Wait and see if more information like this comes out over the course of the campaign. The narrative that Hillary Clinton is a beacon of women’s rights and progress is a complete sham, and those who know and knew the Clinton’s are the ones telling that story.

Emphasis added in bold is mine:

She knows “Billy” Clinton better than almost anyone in the country. She’s been following the Clintons’ rise to power since their early days in Arkansas. And now, bestselling author Dolly Kyle has a blunt verdict about Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic Party’s candidate for president – it’s a disgrace.

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“Hillary Clinton’s nomination shames women,” she told WND. “Hillary is a woman who came to power the oldest way in history – clutching the coattails of a man. To do this, she had to be more than an enabler when it came to covering for Billy’s crimes and aggression against women.”

Kyle was the childhood friend of “Billy” Clinton and eventually carried on a lengthy love affair with the future president. The affair only ended when she was threatened after the relationship threatened to pose problems for Bill Clinton’s presidential run.

Kyle is well acquainted with the Clintons’ campaigns against women who cross them, including the actions of the woman who wants to be president.

Hillary Clinton, WND previously reported Kyle confirmed, was nicknamed by Bill Clinton “The Warden.”

“Billy called her ‘the warden,’ but inside the gates at his prison compound/mansion, all the guards were definitely on his side,” she wrote, adding that the troopers who worked for the governor enjoyed using the term for Hillary as well.

“Hillary participated in threatening women who posed a threat to their power beginning with lovely Arkansas co-ed Marla Crider in 1974. Hillary intimidated Juanita Broaddrick into silence after Attorney General Bill Clinton raped the woman whose very livelihood was under the control of the attorney general’s office. She let Billy cheat on her for decades with possibly thousands of women, without repercussions. She used her sniveling sycophant Sidney Blumenthal (of Benghazi video fame) to plant false stories about me in national publications.”

Kyle blasted the central narrative of the Hillary Clinton campaign by charging the candidate is a disgraceful role model for women.

What kind of example is that for self-respecting women?” Kyle asked? “For her daughter Chelsea Clinton? What kind of example is that for feminists, or people who are supposed to believe women are equal?”

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