Bill Nye The So Called ‘Science Guy’ Sells Out – Pushes TRANSGENDER PROPAGANDA to CHILDREN

Sex Junk bill nye

Bill Nye recently got a show on Netflix, entitled “Bill Nye Saves the World,” in which he pushes the Left’s political agenda to children.

In this show, he’s claimed many ridiculous things, but this has to take the cake. He recently put out a music video entitled “Sex Junk,” where he’s telling children that you can magically switch genders…because that’s somehow scientific.

Right—it isn’t like there’s these things called CHROMOSOMES, that determine your gender, is it? Apparently Bill Nye the “Liberal Sellout” Guy doesn’t care about science anymore. It seems that he’s only concerned with appeasing his liberal network producers.

Christian Post Reports:

“Yet for Nye, this is hard science, now put into the service of the most extreme factions of LGBT activism. Anyone who disputes these allegedly established findings of science is thereby an anti-scientific bigot. What a horrific misuse and abuse of science.”

“We know, of course, that science itself is amoral, but it can be used for moral or immoral purposes. It can also be employed as a bludgeoning tool, used to bully ideological opponents, as if to say, ‘How dare you differ with the claims of science!’ ”

“That’s exactly what Nye has done, thereby enlisting science in the service of perversion.”

Keep in mind that this is on Netflix, and is marketed towards children. Bill Nye, who doesn’t even have a PhD, claims that he’s a “scientist,” that’s going to debunk “myths,” like how there’s two genders.

Mark Dice also reports:

Here are some of the lyrics from his controversial “Sex Junk,” video:

“This world of ours is full of choice, but must I choose between only John or Joyce?”

“Are my options only hard or moist? My vagina has its own voice!”

We’re only 5 seconds into the actual music video, and I’m already disgusted. Yes, this world of ours is full of choice, but there’s some things you can’t choose…like whether you were born a girl or a boy. No, your vagina does not have its own voice. That would be anatomically impossible.

“Cause my sex junk is so, oh, oh, oh. Much more than either-or, or, or.”

“Power bottom or a top off, versatile love may have some butt stuff. It’s evolution, ain’t nothing new.”

This is absolutely disgusting—again, this is a show that is marketed towards CHILDREN. These liberal freaks will not stop at gay marriage, they won’t stop at transgenderism, they won’t stop at pedophilia, and they won’t stop at bestiality.

Liberals keep pushing the envelope, because they’re sick and twisted—this isn’t about freedom of choice, it’s about us protecting our children from this filth.

In addition to this disturbing new “Sex Junk,” rap video that Bill Nye put out, he also has a skit where various “Ice Cream Cones,” talk about experimenting with their sexuality. This skit culminates with the ice cream cones having an orgy.

The vanilla ice cream cone is supposed to represent traditional, heterosexual sex—and, of course, the liberal fanatics that made this TV show make him look like a complete idiot.

All of the other ice cream cones disagree with him, and to a kid watching this who has very little critical thinking skills, he would learn that being “vanilla” is lame.

Mint: “Come on, Vanilla. Nobody wants just one flavor of ice cream.”

Vanilla: “I do.”

Mint: “Haven’t you ever wanted to be a Neapolitan?”

Vanilla: “I can’t.”

Chocolate: “Come on! It’s natural! All natural cocoa…”

Strawberry: “And strawberry fresh from the fields.”

Butterscotch: “So creamy and delicious!”

The ice cream cones then talk, and conclude that “strawberry is just…strawberry,” the implication being that you’re just born with your weird sexual degeneracy, and everyone else is a bigot for disagreeing with you.

If you’re angry that this disgusting sexual degeneracy is being forced on our children, please share this article.

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