College Girl Exposes SICK Thing Black Supremacists Did to Her – Look How Liberal School Board Responds

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Thanks to Obama’s race-baiting over the past 8  years, our country is now on the cusp of race war, as white people are being viciously attacked just for the color of their skin.

In fact, something so absolutely disgusting and abhorrent happened at a college in a liberal state out West, that if a white person had done the same to a black person, he would’ve likely been expelled and thrown in jail for a hate crime.

But, in liberal America, it doesn’t matter what blacks do to whites. It doesn’t matter if they kill us, if they rape our women, if they shout racial slurs at us, and assault us, because liberals think that only white people can be racist.

College campuses have long been a hub for toxic liberal philosophies, but one college, located in Washington, stands above the rest. Evergreen State College, otherwise known as the black supremacist college, has recently been experiencing a massive race war between black and white students.

It seems to be largely caused by the black student body, which has been caught on camera demanding that white teachers leave, that white students leave campus, and that whites are violent, evil, and hateful. How ironic.

One student, despite MASSIVE media backlash and social pressure at her school, has spoken out against this injustice, and she’s telling her story.

“This school seems to be focused so much on race that it’s actually becoming more racist. Because I choose to not focus on race, I’ve actually been labeled a racist and a white supremacist,” she says.

The black student body at Evergreen State College is NOTORIOUS for targeting whites, who have often done nothing wrong. In this case, they went too far with what they did to this poor girl.

“I’ve been told several times that I’m not allowed to speak, because I’m white. I feel like people are becoming more violent, the campus is becoming more of an unsafe place.”

This isn’t the middle of war torn Africa—this is in WASHINGTON! This is supposed to be a college where men and women go to learn new things, explore their opportunities, and make lifelong connections.

Apparently, however, the black student body won’t have this. As she said, they’ve started to CENSOR white students, like it’s 1984. They use tactics of violence and intimidation to suppress white student voices, and yet the liberal school board does absolutely NOTHING.

“My biggest concerns…are the lack of viewpoint diversity. If you offer any sort of alternative view point, which I do have, you’re the enemy,” she added. You can hear the fear in this poor woman’s voice, as many angry black supremacists are staring her down.

The liberal college board didn’t even bat an eye. In fact, in some cases, they actually DEFENDED the actions of the black supremacists. One faculty member claimed that the “far right,” was targeting colleges like Evergreen…because it’s clearly the far right that’s yelling racial slurs and censoring people, here.

UPDATE: The young woman who spoke out is now transferring to a different school, due to extreme racism towards her. Please share this article to expose how bad the liberal universities have become.

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