Black female gun rights advocate sends ‘Black Twitter’ into a FURY

Antonia Okafor

In a world gone crazy, it is refreshing to know that some millennials have the guts to stand up for their beliefs. Not all millennials are afraid to express a conservative opinion. Expressing these opinions, however, comes with a price. Just ask Antonia Okafor.

Okafor, a graduate student and journalist for the Independent Journal Review, is an outspoken concealed carry advocate. She is also a young black woman, and her gun rights stance has earned the wrath of liberals on “Black Twitter.”

“Black Twitter,” if you’re unaware, is the name adopted by the subset of Twitter users who discuss black culture and issues. It tends to run liberal, and they did not take kindly to Okafor, attacking her because of her race and conservative values. This time, however, Okafor refuses to be another victim of social media.

Despite recent vicious attacks, she will not bow down to her detractors. Still, she continues to be vilified.

Her crime? Being a black conservative.

Okafor, tells The Daily Caller, while she voted for President Obama twice, she now finds his policies and message disappointing and divisive.

Since that time Okafor started advocating for the Second Amendment, writing about liberal bias on student campuses, and voting based on policies rather than rhetoric.

As part of her advocating, Okafor has been a guest on the Tomi Lahren show many times.

Recently she posted her activity to her Twitter account.

The post resulted in an unprecedented level of “haters” than ever before.

In an interview with Red Alert Politics, Okafor shows the following Twitter posts from other black people, mostly women, attacking her.

Okafor is a successful, professional woman with an articulate message. She is a positive example for anyone to follow. Yet according to Okafor, it was predominantly other black people who attacked her on Twitter.

Black people who dare speak as a conservative are predictably called Uncle Tom, a sell out, a House Negro, or much worse.

Attacks by black people on each other serves only one purpose, to promote divisiveness and silence dissenting opinions. Accusing other successful blacks of “acting white” delegitimizes and marginalizes other successful AA. This behavior promotes a lack of diversity and the myth that all black people must think and act the same.

In order for any society, but particularly a multicultural society that America is, infighting among specific racial groups will only weaken society as a whole. Everyone, regardless of color have a right to express their opinion, politics, or the policies he or she chooses to report. This type of suppression of free speech only highlights the self destructive tactics of the left.

Lets give Antonia Okafor, and other black millenials not afraid to make a stand, some support.



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