Black Lives Matter

The racist group that is Black Lives Matter have once again sold a blatant lie as the truth and their devoted followers, as well as the media, ate it up. The lie was about something bad happening to a person of color, and since the nation has been programmed to believe that racial abuse happens regularly, it was immediately believed.

Thankfully, this time around, the myth was busted by a statement by the police force who were on the scene. This particular lie was focused around a man found hanging in a city park in Minnesota. The BLM St. Paul jumped in, trying to convince everyone that a black man had been “lynched” and of course, that was not at all the case.

Via Daily Wire:

Black Lives Matter Minnesota has now officially apologized for spreading the false claim that a black man had been “lynched” and hung to death in a public park after officials confirmed that the man hung himself and was in fact white.

City Pages reports that soon after 50-year-old Michael Bringle was found dead by hanging early Tuesday, BLM Minnesota activist Davion Gatlin posted three images of the tragic incident to Facebook with the message, “They still killing us and we still killing each other!” along with the hashtag #MakeGoViral.

But within hours, officials had determined that his death was a suicide, the man was Caucasian, and his hands were not tied behind his back. The chief investigator told the outlet that there was no reason to believe his death was “anything but a suicide.”

St. Paul Police issued a statement later that day on Facebook explaining that the man’s death had been ruled a suicide:

Officers were dispatched to the park at about 5:40 morning after the man was found by a passerby on his way to work. Our officers located the man and called Saint Paul Fire medics to the scene. Sadly, there was nothing they could do. The Ramsey County medical examiner took possession of the man’s body and has ruled the cause of death to be suicide. These types of cases are difficult for everyone–people who loved the man, the community and our officers. We’re keeping all in our thoughts and prayers.

Any death is a tragedy, and we should be heart broken that this man felt the need to take his own life. That tragedy is only exacerbated by this heartless group making a circus out of it. Not only was this an outright lie, they used a horrible loss to push their own agenda. We can hope it was a mistake, or that the rumor got exaggerated somewhere along the way, but the MO of this low key terrorist organization has been to cause outrage by any means necessary.  Their intent is to make all other races subservient to them, and they don’t seem to care how they do it.

The Black Lives Matter organization is promoting a mob mentality, and the thing about mobs is that even if they start out with good intentions (which I don’t think these are) they tend to get out of hand. If we don’t show this group up for what it really is, there will be lynchings in the park again, but this time it won’t be a suicide.

(Source:  Daily Wire)


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