Black lives only matter during an election year

Sheriff David Clarke Jr, is the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, WI. Although he is registered and ran as a Democrat, Sheriff Clarke’s political views tend to run more conservative.

An outspoken critic of the liberal agenda, Black Lives Matter, and race baiting by the liberal media, Sheriff Clarke points out glaring hypocrisy of the left with sharp, incisive observations.

Most recently Sheriff Clarke notes the hypocrisy of the liberal media and politicians in their consistent treatment of black Americans. He notes that the majority of Chicago killings were black victims, now that the election cycle is over, there is media silence. Clarke astutely points out, if there were other “marginalized” groups, such as homosexuals or Muslims were being slaughtered daily, it would be front page news.

Clarke states, “I find nothing funny about black people being slaughtered, and I’m tired of these liberal bastards poking fun at this as if there’s anything to make a joke about.  They would not be doing this if gays and lesbians were being slaughtered. They wouldn’t be doing it if Muslims were being slaughtered, but they think it’s okay with blacks?

Makes you wonder why.  Of course, we know why.

Liberals don’t need blacks right now because it’s not an election cycle. They think they can poke at them with impunity.

Donald Trump is the only elected official other than me that has said anything and is demanding action to bring a new quality of life to black people living in the american ghetto. He’s going to fix this and I’m going to help him.”

See, heres the thing. When Black Lives Matter runs off, when CNN is more concerned with Ivanka’s clothing line than black lives really mattering, Sheriff Clarke and numerous other officers still face the harsh reality of the killings. Clarke has seen these scenes first hand, had to tell grieving mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and children that yet another black American was senselessly slaughtered again and again.

He has literally seen the blood running in his streets.

A soul cannot never forget those things.

Democrats have destroyed the black family unit by enacting policies that promote absentee fatherhood. They promote genocide with abortion policies that a disproportionate number of minority women utilize.

THIS is modern day slavery.

Then, when the poverty stricken inner city blacks are dependent on government hand outs, Democrats use it as a re-election tactic by threatening those same benefits. Once that election is over, the media, the liberals move on to more “important” things like parading around in genital hats and ensuring undocumented foreigners can invade America unchecked. Maybe if liberals cared half as much about black people as they do illegals and sanctuary cities Americans would feel differently.

It is time for all Americans to a reject race baiting and all the rhetoric. Liberals do not care about black homicides or poverty levels. Liberals only goal is to obtain and maintaining power, and nothing else.

To all political leaders: Americans deserve a party that represents all Americans and represents them by elevating the quality of life of all Americans, not keeping them enslaved to poverty and violence. Black lives do matter, they matter to me, my family, to Sheriff Clarke, and President Trump. Black lives are NOT a political prop to be brought out every two to four years and then quietly put away again until convenient.

It is time to expect more.

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