Black Men for Bernie’ Plan to End Democrat ‘Political Slavery’ of Minority Voters By Doing THIS


Baffling political pundits, Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate to do what conservatives have been urging Republicans to do for years.

Emphasizing the disproportionately high unemployment, poverty, and crime rates in predominantly black neighborhoods, Trump is making the fact left-wing policies are at the root of the socioeconomic disparities a major national issue.

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Terrified of the prospect of Trump peeling black votes from Democrats in key battleground states, the Clinton campaign is trying to tie Donald Trump to the KKK and white supremacy.  (Even though  Hillary has direct, personal ties to a former powerful KKK grand wizard)

Trump, nonetheless, is experiencing a jaw-dropping surge in support amongst blacks. He is on track to win 25% of the black vote, according to a recent Big Data poll. That is more black votes than any GOP candidate since 1960.


Trump is attracting the backing of a full 20 percent of black Americans in the battleground state  of  Florida, a poll by Florida Atlantic University and the Economics Polling Initiative found.  Republican candidates have failed to capture more than 13 percent of the black vote in the state in at least 24 years.

Clinton is repulsing black voters on her own. Black Men for Bernie are disgusted with the way Clinton and the DNC rigged the primary race and are at war with the Democratic establishment. They’re are voting for Trump. 

From Breitbart:

Black Men for Bernie founder Bruce Carter’s mission to restore black communities didn’t end when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. He opposed Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment then because he knew that they didn’t represent the minority communities he engaged in politics to fight for.

After the leak of internal DNC emails, Carter is convinced that the Democratic Party “rigged” the primary against his candidate and that Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party has no intention of changing the policies that led to the destruction of the communities he’s working to improve.

Bruce Carter still believes that Hillary Clinton is the poster child for the kind of cronyism, corruption, and evil that the Bernie revolution was built to overthrow. He doesn’t believe Hillary Clinton when she labels Donald Trump and his supporters as racists because he knows she falsely labeled her opponents in the primary as sexist “Bernie Bros.” Carter’s preparing to take the experience, knowledge, and contacts his group built during the primary to campaign against Hillary Clinton and for Donald Trump and other Republicans in battleground states across the country.

Carter had a lot of ideas when asked about what Trump could do to help him win black votes away from the Democrats. “When Donald Trump tells black people, what do you have to lose by voting for me, he’s getting close to a message that will work, but it’s not quite there yet,” Carter explained:

It comes across as condescending because the groundwork of the argument hasn’t been laid, yet. Before that argument will work, people need to understand how Democrats, and especially congressional black leadership, and Hillary Clinton have used our communities for their personal gain and then discarded us when they get into power.

“We’re going to go back to these communities in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and across the country to lead people to the facts about the Clintons’ and Democrats’ failures with our struggling communities,” Carter said

We’re not going to tell people what to do, but we’re going to strategize with them how to get more out of their political power. If Donald Trump can show that he’s willing to do something different for them, then these people will be willing to give him a chance because then they’ll understand that they don’t have anything to lose by abandoning Democrats like Hillary Clinton.

Carter believes that when the DNC rigged the primary election for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, they created a unique opportunity for Republicans to reach out to minority communities, and it might be the only chance they get.

“This could be a historic moment that changes the political calculus for generations, The Democrat establishment is about to learn the hard way that they don’t own the minority vote.”

The idea of a large percentage of blacks voting republican instead of the democrats—that would be more historic than a black man getting elected for president.

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