Racist Teacher Punishes White Students For Voting Trump – INSTANTLY Regrets it When They Hang This Up

One black teacher decided to punish her “racist,” white students, because some of them voted for Donald Trump. What they did next INSTANTLY made her regret her decision.

The Obama administration did many things, but the worst thing it did, was to create such a massive division between races. Blacks and whites, among all other colors, got along fairly well under the Bush administration.

Yes, there was occasional racist crimes, but for the most part, it was peaceful—then Obama came along. Eight years of race-baiting and identity politics has left America more torn than ever, and we can see it in our classrooms.

Teachers all across America have been targeting pro-Trump students, merely for the fact that they support Donald Trump. Students who try to declare their support for Donald Trump, or even conservative values, are often met with vile words, hatred, and sometimes, even violence.

We saw this at Berkeley—generation Y and the millennials are perhaps, the most liberal generation in decades. They’re tantrum-throwing, pink-hair-dying, socialist brats who don’t have a shred of emotional integrity or real world experience.

Generation Z, however, is quite the opposite. Studies have shown that generation Z, born in the early to mid 2000’s, is the most conservative generation since World War II. This could be exactly what our country needs to reverse the past 30 years of Left-leaning policies, and based off of what just happened, this seems to be the case.

So when this black, racist teacher decided to target the pro-Trump white students in her class room, what do you think they did? She likely thought that they would submit, as most millennials would, but something happened that INSTANTLY made her rage.

When this racist teacher pushed against her students for being white and supporting Donald Trump, they decided to push back. Gone are the days where our youth submit to idiots and Leftists—modern conservative parents know now to arm their children with confidence in the face of such blatant hatred.

The students banded together and made a hilarious image of Donald Trump saying “Obama, you’re fired!” much to the teacher’s chagrin. The students also hung up a “Make America Great Again,” flyer—but they went even further than this.

The vile teacher walks into her room, and shows us a hilarious joke the students played on her, referencing her gap teeth. They hung up a map of the electoral college, showing that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a landslide.

“They wanted to keep reminding me that I was from a red state,” she said. “I told y’all I was not exaggerating,” she commented, while passing by a “Trump Agenda,” list the students had written out on her whiteboard.

The students even hung up a border wall! Info Wars reports that as the woman was walking down the hall, she ran into a border wall constructed out of computer paper stretched across her doorway. Many conservatives are rejoicing as our children finally start to fight back against this Leftist madness.

The time to pander is no longer here. It’s time that Americans start standing up for their rights, and exposing the TRUTH about these racist, anti-Trump teachers that are trying to brainwash our children.

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