This black Trump supporter has a message for America (MUST SEE PHOTO)

black Trump

Meet one of Hillary Clinton’s deplorables. This black Trump supporter is a Republican, and he has a message for Democrats, and America as well.

This photo, posted on social media, shows an unnamed black Trump supporter at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. His sign, however, had everyone talking:

black Trump

If this guy doesn’t hit the nail on the head about Democrats and how they treat black voters, I don’t know what does. It’s fantastic!

If you think this black Trump supporter is alone, think again. A number of minority voters, sick of being played by Democrats, are coming home to the Republican party. There’s even a website for black Trump supporters, Black Americans For Trump.

Black voters

While the media tries to convince you that the Republican party is for “old white guys” only, black Republicans like Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and Rep. Mia Love lead the charge for black and white Republicans alike. Latino voters can look to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as leaders of the conservative movement. The best Democrats could do for diversity is Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The Republican party is the true “big tent” party. And the black community is waking up to that.

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