#BlackPower Stormtroopers Assault Jewish Student For Wearing Dreadlocks

In the video above, two #BlackLivesMatter/LGBTQ+? supremacist-types corner a white student with dreadknots and demand he procure scissors to cut his hair off for his crime of ‘cultural appropriation.’ When he refuses and attempts to walk away, the female bully grabs the young man, dragging him back into her space, and then accuses him of putting his hands on her.

Everyday Feminism: “7 Reasons Why White People Should Not Wear Black Hairstyles”

White college students (and staff members) are going to need to collectively grow a pair quick, or else they are going to get run off campuses across the country – a la Mizzou, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth . . .

It should be noted that many famous and successful black women routinely exert large amounts of effort and capital to Caucasianize their locks. They are welcome to continue – we are flattered, just please don’t ask us to genocide ourselves or cut our own hair off.


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