BLATANT PROPAGANDA: Superbowl Commercials Very Anti-Trump

Superbowl commercials are typically blatant propaganda meant to support the following ideologies:

  • Globalism
  • Multi-Culturalism
  • College Campus Feminism

They’re normally pretty bad, but this year’s selection of commercials was absolutely abysmal. Coca Cola featured the song “America the Beautiful,” being sung in multiple languages, Audi propagated the female wage gap myth, which was debunked by Time and Forbes long ago, and 84 Lumber, perhaps the worst of all, portrays an extremely anti-Trump journey of two South American immigrants:


The story is incredibly heart-wrenching on purpose—it’s meant to sway your political opinions using emotions. Unfortunately, however, letting in illegal immigrants is a matter of economic feasibility and not feelings. It doesn’t matter how many immigrants we let in if we go so far in debt our economy crashes.

In addition to 84 Lumber’s overtly anti-wall commercial, there were also some other bad offenders:

Coca Cola:



Coca Cola pushes an overtly multi-cultural agenda, despite the fact that studies have consistently shown the Muslim population to be extremely sexist and barbaric. And Audi? Well, they do the good old fashioned “oppression,” narrative, about how poor women don’t get paid the same as men, despite the fact that Forbes disproved this in 2012.


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