Bodybuilding Celebrity Dies at 46 After Suspected Drug Overdose

rich piana dead

Rich Piana, famous YouTuber, businessman, and competitive bodybuilder, has just passed away nearly three weeks after going into a coma following a medical emergency at his Florida apartment.

While getting a haircut on August 7th, he collapsed onto the floor—his girlfriend, Chanel, tried to revive him but was unable to do so. After being rushed to the hospital, he was placed into a medically induced coma, in the hopes that he would recover.

Unfortunately, he didn’t. Just this morning, he passed away, leaving millions of fans and followers shocked at his sudden departure. “I just want to say THANK YOU Rich for teaching me so much about life, whether it was the easy or the hard way,” his ex-girlfriend wrote on Twitter.

“Rich, I hope you feel better now in heaven and that you’re up there healthy, smiling, and telling everyone how it is being REAL and doing your thing. Rest in peace my dear husband,” she added.

TMZ reports:

Bodybuilding sensation Rich Piana has died … nearly 3 weeks after going into a coma following a medical emergency at his Florida apartment, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Piana collapsed while getting a haircut on August 7. His girlfriend, Chanel, tried to revive him but was unable to wake him.

Piana was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was placed into a medically induced coma — but was unable to recover.

The District Six Medical Examiner in Florida confirms Piana passed away early Friday morning at the hospital.

The famed bodybuilder was known for his open use of steroids, and upon detectives doing a preliminary search of his house, it was found that he had over 20 bottles of anabolic steroids that he was likely using. It’s unconfirmed whether this played a role in his death, but many suspect it did.

When emergency personnel arrived, paramedics found crushed up white powder on a table along with a credit card and straw and decided to give Rich 2 doses of Narcan (often used to treat opiate overdoses) to try and revive him.

Chanel told responders Rich had battled opiate addiction in the past but she believed he was clean. 

Rich never regained consciousness and was transported to a nearby hospital where he was placed into a medically induced coma.

The report notes that police found bottles and bottles of testosterone in the home, 20 in total. Chanel said Rich is an admitted steroid user who’s been juicing for more than 20 years. 

Chanel also noted Rich had suffered from a slightly enlarged heart at one point in his life — but didn’t know if that contributed to the medical emergency.

The bodybuilding legend became famous for his YouTube videos, where he would give it to his followers straight, “no bullshit.” While many viewed him as being an advocate for steroids, those who know him would say that he was anything but.

While he’s admitted to taking steroids for over 25 years, he’s also noted that anyone under the age of 18 should avoid them. He’s also added that unless you’re competing in a sport at a high level, or aging with low testosterone, it’s not like it to take steroids.

Despite this, many of his fans have ignored his advice and followed him down the path of steroid use and abuse. He’s even formed a company, called 5% Nutrition, which caters to the hardcore subculture of bodybuilding—users who are often on copious amounts of steroids.

Nonetheless, the man clearly touched many peoples’ souls with his honest and heartfelt advice. He was known for being an avid supporter of his fans, often taking pictures and posting them on his social media accounts, which is relatively uncommon for professional bodybuilders who tend to stay away from the public eye.

Just today, Rich Piana’s official website issued the following statement, paying tribute to one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time:

Legendary bodybuilder Rich Piana, whose relentless dedication to the sport and support of the bodybuilding community, died August 25, 2017. He was 46 years old.

Known for his willingness to do whatever it takes, Rich Piana began his journey in bodybuilding at the young age of 11, competing in his first event at 15. Over the past 10 years, a community of over 1 million people have followed Rich on his social media and YouTube journey to becoming the best he could possibly be. 

Honesty, openness, and total support for his community is only part of what catapulted his stardom. Signature mantras such as “If you Love It, KILL IT” and “Being a 5%ER is all about doing Whatever It Takes!” is the mentality that he not only followed himself but also wanted to instill in the 5% Nation. To his loving fans, he will always be remembered as someone they could trust, count on and look up to. He will be remembered as a friend. 

Rich’s legacy will continue to inspire the bodybuilding community for years to come as someone who sacrificed whatever it took to achieve his goals and inspired others to do the same. Even in his passing, the 5% Lifestyle will live on and the seed he has planted in so many of us will continue to grow: to be that 5% that strives for and achieves every single goal that’s set.

Rest in peace, Rich Piana—you will be missed. If anyone would like to pay tribute to him and honor his legacy, you may purchase apparel from his 5% Nutrition company.

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