BOMBSHELL: CBS Admits Hurricanes May Have Been Caused By Govt. Weather Manipulation

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Many conspiracy theorists have long suspected that the government has been using top secret technology to affect the weather. Some have speculated that HAARP, DARPA, and other elements of the deep state have been dedicated solely to this.

While many dismiss these conspiracies as ludicrous, it seems that the evidence has been right under our noses this whole time. Just recently, renowned physicist Michio Kaku admitted something so terrible, and so incredibly shocking on television, that the anchors had to interrupt him and force him to backtrack his statement.

Dr. Kaku has long been known as one of the top theoretical physicists of our time. After graduating from Harvard with his undergraduate degree, he quickly went on to UC Berkeley to earn his PhD in physics. Now, he’s the author of several well known books, frequent radio guest, and activist.

…and unfortunately for CBS, he just spilled the beans on live television. He admitted that physicists have been “firing trillion watt lasers into the sky,” in order to change the weather. The CBS host quickly interrupts him and says “but this is experimental,” to which Kaku responds by backtracking his statement.

“In the laboratory so far, it works. When you have water vapor, you can precipitate rain. By firing trillion watt lasers, you rip apart the electrons creating what are called ions, bringing down rain and even lightning,” the physicist says.

They then go onto talk about various government uses of this technology, but funny enough they don’t really mention the US government aside from our involvement in the Vietnam War. Many Americans believe that HAARP and DARPA projects may have indirectly been responsible for the recent weather catastrophes striking Florida and Austin, and we may now have proof.

“I remember reading the stories that China had used this during the Olympics, that the USSR had used this after Chernobyl to create rain clouds…I mean did those really work then? Do we have some of those capabilities now?” the anchor asks.

Kaku then goes on to point out that the CIA has been using this technology since the 1960’s. “The CIA used this to bring down monsoons during the Vietnam War to wash out the Vietcong,” he says. The CBS anchor quickly interrupts him by saying that it’s “alleged,” but we all know what that means.

Info Wars previously reported in 2010 on HAARP, which the US Government may have been using to manipulate weather on a global scale:

The HAARP project has been shrouded in secrecy and speculation since its inception.  Despite recent high-profileattempts to access its inner workings, only more questions continue to emerge.

Officials downplay the facility as pure “basic or exploratory research” — working with Alaska University, Fairbanks — possessing no military applications.  Yet, the United States Air Force, Navy and DARPA scientists populate the remote site in Gakona, Alaska.

It is also part of the Strategic Defense Initiative, which answers to the Department of Defense, and makes it a component of “Star Wars” inviting NASA into the mix.  At the very least, the communications and surveillance applications fit in perfectly with national security via sea and sky.

The scientists at HAARP do not deny the capacity for structural modification of the atmosphere, but they continue to insist that their academic studies are limited to a small swath around the facility.

However, there is an indication of wider use:  the premier defense contractor, Raytheon, is now the owner of most of many relevant patents surrounding the research being conducted there.

Of twelve patents that form the backbone, #4,686,605 says it all: “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere.”

The elites have long searched for more powerful methods to control the masses, and weather modification would seemingly be the holy grail. With just the touch of a button, the globalists could wipe out an entire coastline that they deem too rebellious or too intelligent to manage.

We’ve seen one of the worst decades for weather in American history, and it doesn’t show any signs of lightening up soon. While the evidence is certainly inconclusive, many suspect that the deep state and other Bilderberg affiliates could be using weather modification for evil—what are your thoughts?

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