BOMBSHELL: New York Times TIPPED OFF Scalise Shooter to LOCATION of Congressional Baseball Game!

Scalise shooter

In an absolutely unprecedented move of sheer betrayal, it’s been discovered that the New York Times revealed the location of the Congressional Baseball Game RIGHT around the time that the shooter moved there.

It’s unclear who broke this story, as it’s been popping up all over forums such as Reddit and 4chan, but one thing is clear: on April 12th, 2017, a writer known as Nicholas Fandos published an article for the New York Times, giving away incredible detail about politicians, their whereabouts, their routines, and even what their security looks like.

The article, entitled “A Who’s Who List of Agencies Guarding the Powerful,” gives away shocking details that the public should not be aware of. Details such as what time politicians are walking around, in what location, what they typically wear, and what cars they typically drive.

“But when the billionaire Wilbur L. Ross Jr., the commerce secretary, goes to dinner at a fancy Georgetown restaurant, bodyguards sit nearby. When members of Congress practice in the early mornings in an Alexandria, Va., public park for their Congressional Baseball Game, plainclothes United States Capitol Police are sitting there in a black S.U.V.”

Many have asked why the New York Times would put such an article up—could it be that they’re encouraging civilians to assassinate members of the Trump presidency? This may seem far fetched, but noting what happened just recently, it isn’t out of the question.

As Silence is Consent previously reported, shooter James T. Hodgkinson, long time Bernie supporter, open fired on a baseball game that Republicans were playing just yesterday.

“Rep. Steve Scalise was shot this morning at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. The gunman reportedly targeted Republican members of Congress, who were there practicing for their softball game against Democrats. An aide to to Rep. Scalise was also shot, as were two capitol police officers who came to their defense.”

What’s startling, however, is how premeditated his attack was. As the New York Post has noted, the shooter moved to the area around the exact same time that the New York Times published the article revealing the whereabouts and routines of high ranking government officials.

“A source close to the Hodgkinson family told The Post that Hodgkinson moved to the area in April—without ever telling his wife, daughter, or grandson why,” reports the NY Post. Unfortunately, now it’s very clear why he moved there: to kill as many Republicans as possible.

According to Bill Euille, former mayor of Alexandria, said that he spoke with the Hodgkinson almost every day at the YMCA. “He was a very friendly person,” the mayor said, “but what I did notice about this gentleman is he’d open up his gym bag and in it, he had everything he owned.”

It appears that the shooter literally lived out of his gym bag, and scoped out the area for MONTHS, before plotting his attack. Many are raising the question of whether or not the New York Times should be prosecuted for revealing such critical information. Others are demanding the US Secret Service investigate the New York Times.

Whether or not the Times intentionally tipped off potential assassins is unclear, but one thing is certain: a lot of coincidences are to be found here, and they raise some eerie questions.

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