BOOM! Liberals TERRIFIED After Trump Just Arrested Major Los Angeles Councilman – What Do You Think? (VID)

We’ve all seen how the Democrats have been pushing for a civil war lately, with how Maxine Waters has been acting. They’ve been flooding our country with illegal immigrants, and then have the nerve to say we’re the ones causing this country’s downfall—but thankfully, with Trump in office, a major Los Angeles Councilman was just arrested, and the left is terrified about who’s coming next.

After kicking Sarah Saunders out of the Red Hen, the left made it 100% clear that they’re itching to start a war in this great country. We’ve been divided over their callous acts of violence, made evident by Antifa’s rioting at Berkeley, and our urge to resist having the breakdown of society.

If Obama was in office, he would be arresting Republicans left and right, claiming that we somehow “started” this violence, but we all know the truth. Obama would love to see the downfall of this great, great nation, but thanks to President Trump this isn’t going to happen.

According to Fox News, he just began arresting protesters of ICE, one of whom is a very influential Los Angeles councilman:

The LAPD arrested a Democrat Los Angeles councilman on Monday after he and other demonstrators blocked the entrances to a downtown Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center for about an hour.

Dramatic footage showed Mike Bonin, a fierce critic of President Trump, being led away in plastic zip-tie handcuffs shortly before noon, after police informed protesters they were engaged in an unlawful assembly.

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Images and videos posted to social media showed dozens of demonstrators waving signs and chanting slogans, with several blocking access to the detention center’s driveways and entryways.

Eighteen protesters were arrested in total, according to local reports. Bonin’s office acknowledged that the councilman had blocked the entrances to the ICE facility, and said that those arrested by the LAPD, including a local rabbi, were released shortly after they were booked.

Bonin tweeted about his arrest later, claiming he was motivated by patriotism.

The government “is putting children in baby jails” and “internment camps,” Bonin told reporters before his arrest. “Our government is inflicting knowing, intentional trauma upon the most innocent and the most vulnerable.” The White House has said Democrats share the blame for the crisis at the border; Trump signed an executive order last month aiming to end family separations.

Bonin did not elaborate on particular policy proposals he would like to see. Pressed for specifics, Bonin spokesman David Graham-Caso told Fox News that the councilman would “like to see the federal government not ripping babies away from their mothers and not putting families in concentration camps — that would be a start.”

After Trump signed the executive order, Bonin wasted no time declaring that the move wouldn’t stand in the way of his planned demonstrations.

“This BS exec order ain’t fooling anyone,” Bonin tweeted June 21, just one day after the White House announced the order. “Our Saturday demonstration is ON.” 

There you have it, folks—don’t mess with ICE for keeping our border safe! This is the first patriotic president we’ve had in years, and thankfully due to his pro-American immigration policies, ICE is more powerful than ever. Let’s all make America great again this next year, and hope for a second term of Trump!

If you STAND BEHIND President Trump for arresting these Democrat liars, then please give this article a share on social media! Thank you and God bless this country.

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