BOOM: NASCAR Has Liberals Crying “Offensive” With Porta-Pottie Bathrooms Set-up

In an age of political correctness, leave it to NASCAR to keep a sense of sanity. After all, when it comes to stock car racing, common sense and good old-fashioned values are just as important as drafting and pit road strategy.

NASCAR made its annual Memorial Day trek to Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Coca-Cola 600 (or World 600, if you’re an insufferable Winston Cup Sprint Cup purist like myself). New Jersey’s own Martin Truex Jr. ended up taking the checkered, but that wasn’t the coolest thing to come out of the weekend.

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV, radio, newspaper, computer, mobile device or obnoxious liberal blowhard at any point during the past month or so, you know North Carolina is at the center of a political correctness storm over HB2. That’s the law that enforces the radical notion that random 45-year-old men shouldn’t be in bathrooms with 10-year-old girls.

Given that they were in North Carolina, NASCAR race organizers decided that they were going to inject a little common sense into the proceedings — and they were going to do it with humor.

Hey, who said NASCAR wasn’t inclusive?

Townhall reported that the signs were later taken down, because I’m sure someone from Asheville ventured out to the event to pass out fliers advertising their vegan cold-pressed juice cooperative and were shocked that someone had not only made a joke, but that it didn’t agree with their sensibilities.

No word yet on whether NASCAR was forced to set up federally mandated safe spaces after offending a liberal. I hear if you don’t, it’s a Title IX violation andLoretta Lynch gets on your case like whoa.

It was also reported that North Carolina’s governor, Republican Pat McCrory, was in attendance and got a warm welcome from the fans. Gov. McCrory has been the most visible defender of HB2, so that speaks well again to NASCAR’s common sense.

Shame some lib had to come along and ruin it.




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