BOOM! Pence Just TOOK A STAND on Confederate Statues – Here’s What He Said

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In the wake of Antifa and their liberal allies tearing down confederate statues, Mike Pence has just issued a statement on the air. Thankfully, much to the joy of patriots, he’s in favor of preserving our history.

Historical monuments are not idols to be worshiped, but rather, they’re meant to capture moments in history—they’re meant to be a snapshot of historical events. The left, of course, can’t see this for what it is. They think that every single statue in America is racist.

That’s why they’ve just recently been pushing for the removal of non-confederate statues. Al Sharpton and others have pushed for the removal of founding fathers’ monuments, such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, and some have even expressed concerns over Christopher Columbus statues.

While Donald Trump has spoken out against this, he can’t stop the onslaught of liberal fury without the full help and support of his team. Thankfully then, Mike Pence has just spoken out and said the exact opposite of what Antifa wants to hear.

The Hill reports:

Vice President Pence said on Tuesday that the United States should be building more monuments around the country, not tearing them down.

Pence was asked on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning whether he supported local municipalities around the country in their efforts to remove Confederate statues in the wake of the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., and told the hosts that while he thinks the statues areĀ a “local decision,” he would rather see more monuments constructed than torn down.

“Obviously, I think [whether to remove the monuments] should always be a local decision,” Pence told Fox News. “And with regard to the U.S. Capitol, should be state decisions.”

“I’m someone who believes in more monuments, not less monuments,” Pence continued. “What we ought to do is remember our history.”

Finally, our Vice President has spoken out on the matter. For too long our government officials have remained silent on such an important issue, but with things beginning to move forward, our patriot, pro-history movement is beginning to gain steam.

Pence also added that civil rights heroes should have their own monuments. Rather than simply tearing down confederate monuments, he says, why not just build more monuments of figures who spearheaded progressive movements?

“…we ought to celebrate the progress we have made since [the Civil War]. I can’t help but think that rather than tearing down monuments, as some are wanting to do, we ought to be building more monuments,” he said.

“We ought to be celebrating the men and women who have helped our nation move towards a more perfect union and tell the whole story of America,” he added. These are some much needed words, seeing that Antifa and leftists are hell bent on destroying every last piece of American history.

His comments have echoed President Trump, who has expressed concerns over this slow creep towards abolishing history. “Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson—who’s next? Washington, Jefferson? So foolish,” Trump tweeted out last week.

While patriots are still waiting for local governments to begin holding Antifa bombers and vandals accountable, many have suggested that it’s on us to protect our monuments until the government gets their act together.

Whether or not this is necessary remains to be seen, but with Donald Trump in office, things are about to change. It’s time we start honoring our history, both the good and the bad, rather than running away from it like cowards.

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