Boy oh boy, watch this Prius owner get “triggered” by a farm family driving a diesel truck


This is a few years old now, but at the time of this writing it only has 454,000 views, and I think 100,000 of them are from me…from like, today. It’s clear not enough people have seen this little YouTube gem.

So, this woman in a Prius – who appears to be overcompensating for the fact that she drives a Prius – starts shouting swear words at a man and his family, including children, and tries to bully them for running his pickup truck in a parking lot. In the video he provides an explanation for this, and as a parent myself it passes the smell test (but she looks like she wouldn’t).

She lectures him about it being a gas guzzler and how careless and mindless he is for driving a truck that she’s decided he doesn’t need.

Kudos to this family for the restraint they showed. I don’t know what I would do if someone accosted my family like this with the impunity and sheer disrespect this obnoxious woman showed. She may drive a Prius, but those thighs suggest that maybe a one-way ticket to Africa would tone down her lectures about excess.

Is that “fat shaming?” To some it might be, but the point is to recognize we all have our “things” about us, and she’s too busy posing like she’s saving the world to figure that out.

h/t Chicks on the Right

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