BOYCOTT: Bank CANCELS NRA Credit Cards After Liberal Protest – Here’s How to Fight Back

The National Rifle Association (NRA) branded credit card is no more, after the bank that has issued it for more than 20 years bowed to pressure from the left.

Now, a grassroots movement is afoot to have gun rights supporters cut ties with the bank that is cutting ties with the NRA.

The bank, First National Bank of Omaha, issues a number of VISA and American Express cards, but announced today that it would no longer issue NRA credit cards, which featured NRA artwork on VISA cards.

The bank is one of several companies that is ending marketing partnerships with the NRA after gun control advocates began a campaign in the wake of the Florida school shooting that killed 17.

The Daily Caller reports.

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The First National Bank of Omaha announced Thursday that it is terminating its branded partnership with the National Rifle Association in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“Customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA,” the bank wrote on Twitter. “As a result, First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract with the National Rifle Association to issue the NRA Visa Card.”

When pressed for further information on Twitter, First National simply responded they had “no further information to provide.”

According to Think Progress, First National had given its customers the opportunity to obtain branded NRA Visa credit for nearly 20 years.

A quick perusal of the bank’s Twitter feed shows they had been flooded with comments urging them to end the NRA partnership over the past few days.

When reached for comment by The Daily Caller, an NRA official explained the communications team was currently overwhelmed with inquiries on the program’s cancelation and would respond in a timely manner.

At CNN’s Wednesday gun safety town hall, several participants accused Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Bill Nelson and Congressman Ted Deutch — all of Florida — of taking “blood money” from the NRA.

About First National Bank Omaha

First National Bank Omaha is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska. It is the largest privately-held bank in the United States with $17 billion in assets and 5,000 employees. Headquartered in Omaha, First National provides corporate banking, investment banking, retail banking, wealth management and consumer lending services at locations in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Texas, Kansas and Illinois. The bank operates a total of 101 branches throughout the midwest.

Among their services are FNBO Direct, and online savings account service, and First National Merchant Solutions, one of the country’s biggest credit card processors.

Calls have begun online for consumers to boycott First National and their products. That includes their credit cards, which are identified with the bank logo on the front.

NRA credit card

Consumers can click right here to submit a form to First National by email giving feedback on their decision.

Many have already begun voicing their displeasure on the First National Bank Facebook page (click here to visit).

NRA supporters can also tweet to First National by clicking here.

Post your thoughts in the comments section below on the end of NRA credit cards. In addition, share this on social media.

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