BOYCOTT: Dove Soap Promotes MAN as “MOM” in New Disgusting Commercial

Transgender dove soap ad

This just in—Dove recently ran a commercial in which the transgender “Mom,” is a baby’s biological father who “identifies,” as the mother.

Companies promoting liberal agendas isn’t new—from Starbucks promoting gay marriage and hiring refugees, to various clothing outlets banning Trump’s clothing lines, I can’t say I’m surprised.

But, this is definitely a new low for companies. Promoting a mental disorder is absolute insanity, and if you ask any credible doctor or psychologist, they will tell you that transgenderism is, in fact, a mental disorder.

Here is the transcript from the video above:

Mark Dice: “The Dove soap company has a new commercial out featuring a group of new moms, and their new little babies, and says they are re-defining what it means to be a good Mom. And included in this group of new moms, is this transgender person who, is a male, is the biological father of this little baby, but the commercial depicts him as a her, and says that he is this baby’s mother.”

Mark Dice: “The commercial begins with a bunch of moms, you know, human beings with two X chromosomes and a uterus who gave birth to these children, of talking about the difficulties of motherhood and the complications of raising a new child.”

Commercial: “Everybody has ideas about what it means to be a good mom, and most people feel like they have a license to tell you what they think it means to be a good mom.”

Mark Dice: “Moms are re-defining what it means to be a good mom!”

Commercial: “I’m a first time mom, and I’m just figuring it out as I go. Often times a grandma, Uncles, you know great grandmas, they want you to do it THEIR way, but I have to be that woman who stands her ground.”

Right, because it isn’t like maybe your grandparents or parents learned things about parenting, that you don’t know? Didn’t you JUST say that you’re a new mom? But you’re not going to listen to the wisdom of someone who raised you…right.

Transgender: “We are both his biological parents. You get people that are like ‘what do you mean, you’re the mom?’ and we’re like yeah! We’re both gonna be moms!”

Mark Dice: “You’re not a mom, I’m sorry! The commercial continues to play the social justice warrior card by trying to appeal to a wide range of all different races, and what looks to be a group of lesbians here, as well, and then concludes by saying that the commercial is dedicated to #RealMoms everywhere.”

Mark Dice: “I’m sorry, liberals, but if someone is a biological male, and their sperm fertilizes the egg of a human female, and then the human female gives birth to a baby, you are not a MOM, you are the father!”

I recommend you watch the rest of the video, because Mark Dice’s analysis is spot on (as always). The key thing to remember here, is that this is how the left operates. They push you, step by step, inch by inch, until, before you know it, pedophilia and bestiality are normal.

DO NOT cave into their demands. Share and let Dove know where you stand—let’s get a boycott going.

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