Brace for impact: Baltimore officer acquitted on all counts in Freddie Gray case

Here we go again. There’s no doubt that some officers are bad and abuse their power, but the system is clearly working itself out here. If the officers’ guilt was as clear cut as the race grievance industrial complex would like us all to believe then we wouldn’t see hung juries, much less acquittals.

Maybe we should give the people charged with protecting our communities more benefit of the doubt than someone who had 20 criminal cases on his record, 5 of which were active at the time of his death.

A Baltimore police officer has been acquitted of assault and other charges in the arrest of Freddie Gray, a young black man who died a week after he was critically injured in police custody.

A judge found Officer Edward Nero not guilty of misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. The judge announced his verdict on Monday.

Nero was one of six Baltimore police officers charged in the case. He waived his right to a jury trial, opting instead to argue his case before Circuit Judge Barry Williams.

An earlier trial for an officer charged with manslaughter in the case ended in a hung jury in December.

h/t Red Flag News

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