BREAKING: 2.5 Million Illegals Will Become Citizens If RINOs Manage to Pass This Sneaky Little Bill

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Ever since President Trump has taken a hardline stance against illegal immigration, every single RINO in our corrupt establishment GOP has been trying to block his every move. Unfortunately, they’ve just released a new bill that may turn 2.5 million illegal immigrants into citizens.

Donald Trump has vowed to save our country from the millions of illegal immigrants which have been taking American jobs, artificially lowering wages, and committing crime at massive rates. He wants to put American interests first, and ensure that our borders are firm.

So naturally, the RINOs of this country absolutely despise him for this. Republicans in Name Only want to destroy our country from within, by inviting millions of illiterate, uneducated, illegal immigrants here, who don’t pay taxes, contribute to our society, or learn our language.

A country is like a giant clock, and it only works if all of the little cogs fit together perfectly. So when we have millions of illegal aliens, or “cogs,” not integrating and learning our language, it makes it extremely difficult for this country to work properly. It messes up our infrastructure.

President Trump and his conservative voter base understand this, but apparently RINOs don’t—just today, conservative lawmakers and their ringleader Thom Tillis have announced that they’re writing a bill which would provide a “permanent path to residency,” for over two million illegals. It is known as the “Conservative Dream Act.”

McClatchy DC Bureau reports:

Conservative lawmakers led by Thom Tillis are crafting a bill they call the conservative Dream Act that would provide a path to permanent residency to people brought here illegally as children, offering President Donald Trump an escape hatch on one of his most vexing immigration challenges.

The legislation creates an avenue for Trump to both fulfill a campaign promise to end an Obama-era program known as DACA while yielding to what appears to be his personal desire to let these immigrants remain in the country.

“Who cares about DACA if there’s a Dream Act,” said a Republican involved with the policy negotiations and aware of Tillis’ plan.

Trump has wrestled with the politics versus the personal on this issue since Inauguration Day, recognizing that whatever he decides to do about the roughly 800,000 young immigrants known as Dreamers will anger many and shape his legacy.

Don’t illegal immigrants say that they hate ICE, because they don’t want their family to be split apart? If that’s the case, then why is it that they want their children to stay here, while they get deported back to their home country? That would split them apart.

The hypocrisy and lies are rich with the liberals supporting this bill, and conservatives can see right through it. This is just another attempt at further destroying our country with illegal immigration, and it’s using children and feelings as bait to get the law passed.

Like Curbelo’s bill, the Tillis plan would offer an eventual path to U.S. citizenship for immigrants who entered illegally before Jan. 1, 2012, and were 16 years old or younger.

The proposal would grant high school graduates without a serious criminal record conditional immigration status for a five-year period. During that time, if they earn a higher-education degree, serve in the military or stay employed, they could apply for permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship.

About 2.5 million Dreamers would be eligible.

Never mind the fact that these people have contributed absolutely nothing to our infrastructure, they’re statistically more likely to be on welfare, and they’re far more likely to commit crime. If these traitorous RINO’s are allowed to pass this bill, Democrats will receive another two million voters who will likely be willing to elect whichever politician promises more lenient standards on immigration.

November 6th, 2018—remember this date, and remember it well. This is the date that our gubernatorial elections take place, and it’s the date that we will elect these disgusting liars out of office. It’s time to make a change, and it’s time to make America great again, one senator at a time.

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