Amtrak derailment

An Amtrak train has derailed in Washington state, outside Seattle, causing multiple injuries and casualties, according to NBC News.

The train derailed on a bridge crossing over Interstate 5 in Pierce County, and cars went off the bridge onto the highway below. While we do not currently know specifics, it appears there are multiple injuries and casualties.

This is a developing story.

The Pierce County (WA) Sheriff’s Department has confirmed multiple injuries and casualties.

UPDATE: 11:05 (CST) – The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed some of the injured included motorists on Interstate 5, below the bridge where the train derailed.

Here are more tweets from the scene, providing photos and video.

The National Transportation Safety Board has provided only preliminary information. They will be the lead investigating agency into the accident.

Here are additional tweets.

We will continue to update this Amtrak derailment story as details develop.

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