BREAKING: Anarchist, Human Garbage Beat Trump Supporter Unconscious At Portland Airport (GRAPHIC)

Last night, as protests continued at airports nationwide in defiance of President Donald Trump’s ban on travel and immigration from seven Muslim countries. A Portland protest, however, protest turned violent. The media did not report on it, and there is a good reason why. The violent protesters were anti-Trump.

Note: the video included here is contains violent content, and includes graphic language.

Anti-Trump supporters at the Portland airport, who showed up to oppose the President’s executive order on immigration, quickly turned violent. The protests became nothing short of a riot, as the anarchists ran through the terminal and then attacked a Trump supporter. Dozens of supporters of President Trump had gathered at the airport to stage a counter-protest.

In the midst of their attack on the Trump supporter, some of the protesters began shouting “Peaceful Protest” to appear innocent in front of the many cameras. Others, however, were caught on film calling the unconscious man “Nazi Boy” and taunting him as he lay on the ground. Even when a nurse intervened and attempted to help, they still pushed at him and interfered.

Here is a short video of protesters storming one of the terminals in Portland, and then beating a Trump supporter unconscious.


Here is a longer video of the same protests. Protesters can be seen cursing at police officers, and chanting “take off your riot gear.” Police are then seen firing rubber bullets at protesters.


And then we have this tweet by Andrew Dymburt, KOIN News, which shows video of the Trump supporter on the ground and being mocked by the anti-Trump protesters.


As no now, no arrests have been confirmed in the attack.

What do you think of the Portland protest and attacks on Trump supporters? Let us know in the comments!

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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