BREAKING: Ariana Grande Concert TERROR BOMBING! Hundreds Injured, 20+ CONFIRMED DEATHS!

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This just in—there are a number of confirmed deaths at Manchester Arena, following an explosion that occurred during an Ariana Grande concert.

This all started roughly 55 minutes ago when Greater Manchester police warned people to stay away from the Manchester Arena via Twitter:

So far the details are shaky, but there’s been an unspecified number of confirmed deaths, although the bombers or shooters have not been identified, and the motivation for this attack is unclear.

Lines of ambulances have been heading toward the venue, as well as numerous police cars—the police have issued an official statement as of 44 minutes ago, although it’s not very revealing:

Many of the best details that we have at the moment come from members of the audience. One member, Majid Khan, was at the concert when the bombing happened. He says:

“I and my sister, along with a lot of others were seeing Ariana Grande perform at Manchester Arena, and we were all exiting the venue when around 10.40-10.45pm-ish a huge bomb-like bang went off that hugely panicked everyone and we were all trying to flee the arena.”

“It was one bang and essentially everyone from the other side of the arena where the bang was heard from suddenly came running towards us as they were trying to exit Trinity Way and that was blocked so everyone was just running to any exit they could find as quickly as they could.”

“Everyone was in a huge state of panic, calling each other as some had gone to the toilet whilst this had gone off, so it was just extremely disturbing for everyone there.”

Another woman, Suzy Mitchell, who lives near the venue, reported a huge bang which rocked her house:

“(I) just heard a huge bang from my bed, came out to the front of my apartments (we’re on the top floor so have perfect view) and everyone was running away in big crowds.”

“The bang was so big I heard it from my room which is at the back of the apartment blocks. Currently lots of emergency services going to and from. But can’t see anything substantial as of yet except fleeing people and lots of cars.”

Robert Tempkin, 22, from Middlesbrough added that “Everyone was screaming and running, there were coats and people’s phones on the floor. People just dropped everything.”

He also says that many “…people were screaming they’d seen blood but other people were saying it was balloons busting or a speaker had been popped. There were lots of ambulances. I saw somebody being treated. I couldn’t tell what had happened to him.”

The Independent noted the flurry of Twitter activity following the concert, which is the most up to date and live information available as of now:

“There are a number of confirmed deaths at Manchester Arena following a reported explosion at an Ariana Grande concert, police have said.”

“Twitter users reported thousands of concert goers fled the arena  covered in blood and crying, although it is not immediately clear what the reported ‘loud bangs’ were.”

“Eyewitnesses said the explosion sounds were heard after the artist had finished her show and left the stage, with people claiming on social media they believed the bangs were a ‘bomb’ or possibly gunshots.”

Many users have captured the frenzied audience running away, while one man captured a potential video of police arresting a suspect:

The only source we are aware of, which gives a number to the death count, is from the Tennessee GOP:

Authorities have suspected that this is a terror attack, but by which group is still unclear. Please give this article a share and stay tuned for more breaking updates.


The image in the tweet below was sent out 4 hours before the bombing. ISIS is known for creating Twitter accounts to push their agenda, so this may be a legitimate threat from ISIS.

Below is a screenshot of the tweet—the account associated with it seems to have been deleted.

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