BREAKING: College Professor Tweets About Shooting Trump – Guess What Just Happened

Kevin Allred

A college professor with a history of making inflammatory remarks about Republicans took the time over the weekend to tweet that he wished someone would shoot President Donald Trump.

You would think that a college professor would know that saying things like that about the President has consequences. If he didn’t know before, he certainly does now.

Kevin Allred made name for himself by teaching a course at Rutgers University that used the music of Beyoncé to teach students about politics, culture, and gender. He became famous for it, and traveled the country giving guest lectures about the course. Seriously.

Instead of telling you about this piece of work, read this selection from his own biography from his own website. You’ll quickly understand what a tool this guy is.

Kevin’s mission is to facilitate conversations around the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and class through pop culture analysis and storytelling; conversations that confront, question, and attempt to undo mainstream Amerika’s racist and heterosexist status quo. He aims to use various privileges afforded him via his own identity to celebrate and center black feminist writing and cultural production in order to show diverse audiences why seeing the world through an intersectional feminist lens is essential for all. Born and raised in Logan, UT, Kevin holds a B.S and M.A. in American Studies and M.Phil in Women’s and Gender Studies. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his boyfriend.

After John McCain revealed that he had brain cancer, Allred tweeted that he had no sympathy for his condition because McCain opposed Obamacare. He also tweeted that he just may run someone off the road if they have a Trump bumper sticker. He also once said that the Second Amendment would be less popular if he would go out and start shooting a bunch of white people.

Even with all of that, Allred had been recently hired to teach at Montclair State University in New Jersey this fall. Emphasis on the HAD BEEN.

That’s because over the weekend, Allred tweeted this, which was not well received at all. He later deleted it, but the damage was done. According to Hank Berrien of The Daily Wire, his tweet was not well received.

Kevin Allred

Making blatant threats about shooting the President is not only against the law, but it can be a career killer. Although he later tried to clarify his tweet, saying he wasn’t actually threatening the President, Montclair State had seen enough. They fired him today, before he could even teach a single class.

That set off Allred on a tweetstorm of Trump-like proportions, ironically.

Kevin Allred

Take a good look at Allred’s last tweet. It is likely the only time you will see the phrase “universities cave to basic conservative political pressure.” Considering how conservatives are treated on college campuses these days (anyone been to a conservative speech at Berkeley lately?), Allred’s wailing and gnashing of teeth isn’t going to win him much sympathy.

Allred, who used his Twitter account as promotional platform, has now protected his account, so the public cannot see his tweets.

It is unclear if the Secret Service will investigate his tweets or not.

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