BREAKING: Democrats Introduce Massive Gun Control Legislation That Changes Your Gun Rights Forever

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Democrats in Congress have once again responded to a mass shooting tragedy with proposed legislation that would not have prevented the crime that inspired it. A trio of new bills will change gun ownership in the United States forever, if they manage to become law.

While the nation is focused on the “bump stock” controversy and a possible ban on it, Democrats are proposing legislation that challenges the limits of personal privacy and the Second Amendment. Among the proposed bills are:

*HR.3962, which would ban online ammunition sales. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) is proposing “The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act,” that would require all ammunition dealers confirm a buyer’s identity by seeing an driver’s license or I.D. in person, effectively killing online ammo sales.

*H.R. 4025, “The Multiple Forearm Sales Reporting Modernization Act,” which requires gun dealers to report the sale of two or more rifles to the same person in a five-day period to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). It is sponsored by Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA).

*HR. 4052, “The Keep Americans Safe Act,” was written by Rep. Elizabeth Etsy (D-CT) and would ban detachable magazines that hold more than ten rounds. “There is simply no good reason why sportsmen and women need more than 10 rounds in a magazine,” Esty said. “No sportsman or woman needs 30 rounds to kill a deer. It’s shameful that we protect our deer better than we protect our people.”

Tom Knighton of reports that these bills are nothing more than grandstanding on a tragedy.

Democrats are firm believers in never letting a good crisis go to waste. It’s why they started talking about blocking gun sales to people on the no-fly list after Orlando, despite the shooter not being on the no-fly list, and universal background checks after Sandy Hook, despite that killer stealing his guns. In addition to the disaster that is the current ban on bump-fire stocks bill, House Democrats have pulled some shenanigans of their own.

They think the time is right to ban online ammo sales, standard capacity magazines, and to require dealers to report anyone who buys two or more guns during the same five-day period. In other words, the standard anti-gun wishlist.

This is nothing more than political grandstanding, a desperate effort to be seen to be “doing something” in the wake of Las Vegas.

At least the bump-fire stock ban has some bipartisan support, even if the NRA is opposed to it. It has support from the party that has control over both chambers of Congress and the White House.


The National Rifle Association has already dismissed the bills as having little effect in stopping gun tragedies like Las Vegas.

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