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An explosion inside the compound of the United States Embassy in Ukraine is being investigated as a possible terrorist act, authorities in Kiev just announced.

UPDATED: The Hindustan Times is reporting that authorities announced via a statement that “Investigators found that an unknown person threw an explosive device on the territory of the diplomatic mission.” No casualties or injuries have been reported.

The incident continues to get scant coverage from American media outlets, who are currently focusing reporting on the testimony of former FBI director James Comey. We will continue to update on the embassy bombing if the situation warrants.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: American embassy personnel are trying to downplay the incident, in which no one was injured. The explosion, however, could represent a significant new threat to American embassies worldwide.

Damage to the embassy was not visible from outside the compound, as this photo shows.

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This is a breaking story and details are scarce. Here is what we know, via the Daily Caller.

Ukrainian authorities are investigating a possible terrorist act after a device detonated in the U.S. embassy compound Thursday in downtown Kiev.

An unknown attacker threw the device over the fence and onto the embassy lawn. No one was injured and the embassy resumed operations as normal Thursday morning.

Local police consider it a terrorist act, but the embassy downplayed the situation in a statement.

“We can confirm that there was a security incident involving a small incendiary device shortly after 12 a.m. June 8 at the Embassy compound,” the embassy said in a statement. “There was no damage to Embassy property. No personnel were injured. All Embassy operations are continuing as normal. At this time, we do not consider this incident a terrorist act. The Embassy is working closely with our local partners, and the investigation is ongoing.”

We will report more on the embassy bombing as the situation develops.



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