BREAKING: A Federal Judge Just Backstabbed Trump on Sanctuary Cities – AG Sessions Furious

jeff sessions sanctuary city ruling

A key part of President Trump’s campaign platform was to end any and all illegal immigration. After a federal judge just made an official ruling on sanctuary cities, however, it appears that Trump has hit a major roadblock.

Millions of Americans are fed up with democrats and their illegal immigrant promoting agenda. Most Americans have no problem with people who come here, so long as they do it legally, and are able to assimilate. The problems begin to arise when they bring an entirely different culture, language, and heritage with them, and refuse to pay taxes.

This is why so many conservatives are against sanctuary cities. The idea that a city can just arbitrarily decide to completely ignore federal law is absolutely preposterous, and leads to massive internal conflict within our nation. Even first year law students know that federal law trumps state law each and every time.

Apparently US District Judge Harry Leinenweber doesn’t understand this concept, however. According to Fox News, he just ruled that Attorney General Jeff Sessions cannot withhold public grant money from so-called sanctuary cities, even if they refuse to follow federal immigration laws.

A federal judge in Chicago has ruled Attorney General Jeff Sessions can’t withhold public grant money from so-called sanctuary cities for refusing to follow federal immigration policies.

U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber made the ruling Friday, in which he granted Chicago’s request for a temporary “nationwide” injunction.

The ruling means the Justice Department cannot deny grant money requests until Chicago’s lawsuit against the agency is concluded. Leinenweber wrote that Chicago has shown a “likelihood of success” in its arguments that Sessions overstepped his authority with the requirements.

Most of this began in August, after the Trump administration threatened to withhold funding from sanctuary cities. In response, the city of Chicago filed a massive lawsuit, because apparently they believe that they should be able to do whatever the hell they want without regard for federal laws.

Over seven cities and counties, including Seattle, San Francisco, and the entire state of California, have refused to cooperate with new federal rules regarding sanctuary cities. Unfortunately, they may be able to continue with their anti-American laws if Sessions isn’t allowed to crack down on them.

The ruling is another blow to Sessions, a longtime champion of tougher immigration laws.

Earlier this month, Sessions announced that the administration would end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program that protects young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children or came with families who overstayed their visas.

President Trump later announced he was working on an agreement to protect them.

It’s unclear whether the ruling means the Leinenweber will ultimately decide in favor of the city.

This is yet another example of why we need to drain the swamp. Globalists and anti-Americans have completely infiltrated our legal system, and are more in favor of non-citizens than they are of hard-working, tax-paying Americans.

Come November 6th, 2018 we need every single conservative man and woman in this country to storm the voting booths and elect new, pro-American officials into office. Our country cannot continue to support illegal immigrants when we’re over $20 trillion dollars in debt, because if we do, it’s only a matter of time before our economy collapses.

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